Over 70 Kid’s Party Games

Here is the complete list of Party Game Ideas Kid’s Games & Birthday Party Games all on one page! You’ll find classic Birthday party games like Charades, Freeze Tag, theme party games like Superman Save Us, challenge games and relay party games that involve skills and coordination, plus treasure hunts, balloon games, outdoor games and more party games that make your kid’s party or event lots of fun.

We have listed the games A – Z and included general game attributes. Many of the games offer variations for team play, relay options and ideas / tips to make the kid’s party games easier or more challenging. This allows you to adapt games to the age of your party guests.

Kids Games & Birthday Party Games

Alphabet List Game – Travel, campfire, group memory game
Animal Escape – Curious George inspired game for Ages 3 – 7
Animal Who Am I? – Discovery, questions, ice-breaker, adult assistance, Ages 3 – 7

Balloon Booty of Bust Game – Outdoor, messy, works for pirate themed, Ages 7 & up
Balloon & Bubble Gum Relay – Active, noisy, bubble blowing
Balloon Burst – Active, noisy, easy, Ages 3 – 6
Balloon Keep It Up – Active, variations, Ages 6 – 12
Balloon Stomp Game – Active, loud, Ages 6 & up
Balloon Stuff Game – Active, Silly, Ages 6 & Up
Balloon Target Game – Fun, Ages 3 – 7
Barnyard Animal Game – Search, animal noises, Ages 3 – 6
Beanbag Toss Games – DIY ideas, ready to play games
Birthday Bingo – Printable Bingo cards, Ages 6 and up
Blind Man’s Bluff – Action, indoors/outdoors, Age 7 and up
Boat Race & Relay – Indoors, action, silly
Bubble Gum Game – Action, messy, relay
Bucket & Sponge Race – Action, outdoors, messy, relay

Candy Bar Game – Simple, reading skills needed, Age 6 – 10
Cat Tails – Action, tag-like, Ages 3 – 7
Charades Match – Creative, action, Ages 8 and up
Chocolate and Flour Game – Messy, tasty, easy, Ages 5 and up
Christmas Party Games for Kids
Clean Your Room – Action, outdoor, silly, Ages 6 and up
7 Cotton Ball Games – Variety, silly, Ages 4 and up
Crazy Ping Pong – Active, silly, table, Ages 7 and up
Crazy What If Questions – Pen & paper, silly, mad lib like, Ages 7 and up

Dressed for Work Game – Kids dress in adult clothes, Ages 4 – 8
Egg and Spoon Race – Action, concentration, teams, Ages 5 and up

Famous Name Game – Quick thinking, good use of words, Ages 12 and up
Feed the Ducks – Waddling, silly, Ages 4 – 8
Find the Stars – Search, outdoors, Ages 3 – 8
5 Freeze Tag Games – Action, outdoors, Ages 5 and up
Freeze Frame Model Game – Silly, party, slumber party, Ages 8 and up

Golf Ball Croquet – Action, hands free, silly, Ages 7 and up
Gift Grab Card Game – Birthday or Holiday, action, Ages 8 and up
Gone Fishin – Carnival like game, all win prize, Ages 3 – 6
Greedy Balloon Grab – Action, fast paced, Ages 7 and up

Halloween Games for Kids – Variety of seasonal Halloween games
Hot Potato Game – Action, fast paced, Ages 3 and up
Hula Hoop Snake Race – Human puzzle game, challenge, Ages 8 and up
Hunger Games themed Party Game – Action, outdoor, fast paced, Ages 12 and up

Life Saver Stringing – Quick action, Ages 5 and up
Lots O Socks Games – Fast Paced, challenge, Ages 7 and up

Minefield – Team play, random challenge, action, indoors / outdoor play, Ages 6 and up
4 Musical Chairs Games – Active, challenge, fast paced, Ages 4 and up
Mystery Box Guessing Game – Sensory, challenge, Ages 7 and up
Mystery Gift Pass – Silly, challenges, random, reading (or adult help), Ages 6 and up

Needle in a Haystack – Search, challenge, Ages 4 and up
On Target Soda Bottle Game – Concentration, challenge, team & individual play, Ages 5 and up
Olympic Party Game – Games and Ideas for Olympic themed parties
One-Eyed Pirate War – Target game, challenge, pirate themes, Ages 6 and up.

Pass the Orange – Action, challenge, fast-paced, Ages 8 and up.
Poem Unwrap the Gift Game – Surprise, gift passing, reading assistance during play, Ages 3 – 7.

Ready, Set, Race – Hot wheels racing, fast-paced, Ages 5 and up.
Relay Race Ideas – How to, ideas, tips and setting up a relay race for kids Ages 3 and up.
Red Light, Green Light – Outdoors, action, Ages 5 and up
Ring on a String – Guessing, discovery, random, Ages 7 and up

Shoes in the Dark – Sensory, discovery challenge, Ages 7 and up
Shopping Lists – Loud, listening skills, pen & paper, Ages 7 and up
Speedway Racing Game – Car themed event, prep time, active, Ages 3 – 7
Stuffed Animal Find – Sensory, discovery, Ages 3 – 7
Superhero Secret Identities – Printable, trivia, Ages 12 and up
Superman, Help Us! – Challenge, task, Ages 7 – 10
Sweet Ring Toss Game – Easy challenge, ring toss, win candy, Ages 3 – 7

Telephone – Pass the Message Game – Communication, listening skills, Ages 7 and up
Tire Roll Relay Race – Active, outdoors, tire/innertubes, Ages 4 and up
Toothpick Lifesaver Race – Active, concentration, relay, Ages 10 and up
Toothpick Marshmallow Tower – Thinking, concentration, challenge, Ages 8 and up
Towel and Apple Games – Challenge, outdoors, Ages 6 and up
Treasure Hunt Games – Tips, ideas, challenge, Ages 6 and up
Treasure Hunt Photo Game – Photos, easy & hard ideas, search, Ages 4 and up

Unwrap the Gift Poem Game – Surprise, gift passing, reading assistance during play, Ages 3 – 7.

Water Balloon Games – Variety, outdoors, wet, messy, Ages 6 and up.
Watermelon Games – Variety, outdoors, messy, Ages 6 and up.
What If Questions Game – Pen & paper, silly, mad lib like, Ages 7 and up
Who Am I? Animal Game – Discovery, questions, ice-breaker, adult assistance, Ages 3 – 7