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Gross and Scary Halloween Games

Sometimes you want a game that puts kids, friends and guests on edge. From putting your hands in Pumpkins Brains to eating gummy worms or dried crickets to search for body parts at the morgue, we've got a variety of gross games and scary Halloween games for all ages. Most are Halloween mind games and fun stories, but if you choose you can add just a little more scary to any of these Halloween party games.


Party Game Ideas put together a mix of gross games, spooky / scary games and story games that cover a variety of age ranges. While searching through Pumpkin Brains at a pumpkin carving party is not scary or gross for a teenager it can be for an 8 year old! We try to give a variety of Halloween party games that give your party or event that something different, fun and memorable. Hopefully, these gross and scary games will be fun and not create any nightmares.