Roll the Dice Gift Exchanges
Supplies: Die or Dice, gifts for the gift exchange and rules

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange is a fun dice gift exchange where the dice determine whether you can steal, keep or if everyone is passing their gifts to the left or right. We provide single die and dice directions and what each roll represents.

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange Single Die Play

Game Prep is pretty easy.
1. You need a single die, people with presents and the roll rule sheet.
2. Second you’ll need to determine how to end the Roll the Dice Gift Exchange before you begin.
Options include:
a. Play until everyone rolls the dice a set number of times. We say 3 times works best.
Then at the end of the last roll you keep the present you have.
b. Play until the last gift is unwrapped.
c. Play until all the gifts are Kept / Safe (takes the longest because not everyone wants their gift.)
NOTE: It is possible to end the game, without all the gifts being unwrapped. 

Roll the Die Gift Exchange

Rules for Roll The Dice Gift Exchange
1. Have everyone bring their gift and come together in a circle / around a table. Tables work best for rolling and passing the die.
2. Randomly determine who goes first. Oldest, youngest, closest birthday to Host’s birthday all work. Once you determine who goes first. That person will roll the die, take their turn and then pass the die to the left for the next person to roll.
3. Explain the Game: Guests will roll the die and what they roll will correspond to the Roll the Dice Gift Exchange rules in the graphic above. Rules include passing gifts, stealing gifts, choosing a gift to keep and unwrapping your gift.
4. Note: If someone Rolls a 1 and chooses to Keep their gift, they are no longer included in the game as they have their gift.
5. State how your the Gift Exchange will end before you begin. After “x” rounds, all gifts opened, etc.
6. If Guest or Guests end up with the gift they brought.
a. If just one guest ends up with the gift they brought, they roll until they can trade or pass with someone in the group.
b. If two people have their own gifts. They simply trade gifts and the exchange is over.
c. Three or more people have their original gift. Just those people with their own gift remain in the game and the next person rolls the die. Odd number – Pass the Right and Even number Pass to the Left and that ends the gift exchange.

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange

Roll the Dice is the more common variation of this game as there are more options. We added a few unique elements that include just guys and just gals, plus clothing colors. Note if you don’t like the options or need to change them because it might be the Women’s Club and there are no guys in the gift exchange go ahead and adjust them. Our rules are guidelines and it is your party, so adjust as needed.

All the rules are the general game play rules are the same as the single die game. See game prep & play above. Once you keep a gift it is yours, your roll determines what you can do and so on. There are just more rolling options. We made the least rolled numbers the most valuable, so there is a reward for rolling double 1’s and 6’s.

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange Party Game

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange works really well for groups of 8 – 15 people. The key to success of this gift exchange game is being able to see who is rolling and what they rolled. That is why playing around a table works so well, if no one can see the roll it is less exciting.

Last just remember to define how the game ends, before play begins!
We tend to favor the three rounds option as our favorite because people tend to know that the pressure is on and this works best with groups of 12 or more. However, with small groups 12 and under it can be more fun until all the gifts are unwrapped or claimed “Keep / Safe” from stealing or passing.

FYI – It is possible that the game ends and some gifts are still wrapped. 

Have fun with your present exchange, be safe and Happy Holidays.