Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery Party Games
These Valentines Day – Romantic Murder Mysteries are sure to put a unique spin on a Valentine’s party, dinner party or activity. Have fun dressing for your murder mystery and discover who did it. These murder mysteries work for small and large groups and involve Valentine, romantic, and even chocolate themes. Murder Mysteries have everything for your murder mystery including game kits, invitations, and game materials.

Valentine’s Day Murder Mysteries – Teen, Adult and Women Only Versions

Broken Heart Murder Mystery Party

Broken Heart Murder on Valentine’s Day

Number of Guests: 8 – 14 For Ages: 18 – 99
Rosie Valentine is celebrating the purchase of her novel by a movie mogul. This festive occasion however is spoiled when it is announced that there is a real broken heart. In this murder mystery everyone is a suspect, so enjoy in the fun. Broken Heart Murder on Valentine’s Day

valentines day gangster murder mystery

St. Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery

Number of Guests: 6 – 10 For Ages: 13 – 99

It’s 1929 in Chicago and prohibition has caused gangs to control the booze and many aspects of the city. But the underworld is in chaos as gangsters Spits Feathers was murdered. This murder mystery is set on Valentine’s Day 1929 and it part of a 40th birthday celebration for another member of the mob.
St. Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

Number of Guests: 8 – 12. For Ages: 18 – 99

Thornbury’s Chocolates is about to launch the new Symphony Chocolates and celebrate the birthday of the owner’s daughter. On such a special night, what could go wrong.
Death by Chocolate

Love Potion Murder Mystery

Love Potion Number Five

Number of Guests: 8 – 16 For Ages: 12 – 21

The punch has been turned into a love potion. This love potion isn’t causing people to fall in love, to share their secret passion. Things take an unexpected turn and an antidote must be found before things go terribly wrong.

Love Potion Number Five

The Great Chocolate Mystery

Number of Guests: 8, 9 or 10 For Girls Ages: 8 – 13

This is a mystery game for girls. A new product is launching at the chocolate factory but someone put something in the cherry chocolates. While this is not a murder mystery, it is a fun game where girls get to be the detective. The Great Chocolate Mystery

Women's Only Murder Mystery for Ladies Nights Revenge Against a Ladies’ Man

Women Only – Guests: 8 For Ages: 18 – 99

8 scorned women come together for revenge, when they discover they have been dating the same man. Together they plot their revenge, but then the unexpected happens he goes missing! Who betrayed the plan and now puts everyone at risk.

Revenge Against a Ladies’ Man – Women Only Game

Valentine’s Day Murder Mysteries make for a fun experience for couples or singles. Make sure you plan in advance for murder mystery parties and people are willing to participate. The best murder mystery parties we have attended, had guests dress in theme whether or not they were part of the who done it event. Have fun and we hope you catch the killer among you!

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