Printable Never Have I Ever Game
94 Interesting and Entertaining Never Have I Ever Questions – Plus you can add your own.

Never Have I Ever is similar to the Drink If game but it is a little more social. Our printable Never Have I Ever game is a more adult oriented than our Bachelorette Drink If game, but a little tamer than our Naughty Drink If game.

This is the perfect Girl’s Night, Bachelorette party, an edgy Bridal Shower and just an evening hanging out with your girlfriends. Our Never Have I Ever cards include sex cards, embarrassing moments, activities, and more. Examples include “Peed Myself in Public,” “Had Sex in a Pool,” “Stuffed My Bra,” “Broken Someone’s Heart” and 90 more. Plus you get blanks cards you and your friends can add you own Never Have I’s into the mix.

Printable Never Have I Ever
Make great memories, laugh and swap stories while playing Never Have I Ever. Plus we added I Have & I Nave Have signs. This printable game includes 94 Never Have I Ever cards, 6 Blanks cards, paddle signs and instructions. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Printable Never Have I Ever Game - Bachelorette, Girls Night, Bridal Shower GameNever Have I Ever Game
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94 Never Have I Ever Cards
6 Blank Cards – Add Your Own!
Bonus – Paddle Cards – Just Tape to Popsicle Sticks
Game Variations – Instructions

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Never Have I Ever aka Bachelorette, I Never game is perfect for
Girl’s Night
Bachelorette Parties
Bridal Showers
Evenings with Girlfriends

Party Game Ideas Never have I Ever is made for women that aren’t afraid to admit the truth! While a good amount of cards do revolve around sex, there are other cards about yoga, animals, and bad girl activities – basically a good mix of fun for women. If you have a younger group (18-20) just go through the Never Have I Ever cards and remove any you don’t like and have member of your group fill out 1 or 2 blank cards each and add those to the mix.

We have seen other Never Have I Ever games and tried to make ours unique by offering more cards, creating a retro design and including fun I Have & I Never Have signs that can be used to make answer paddles for your game. We hope you enjoy our printable Never Have I Ever game and laugh and laugh and laugh while you play it.