Pick the Oscar 2024 Winners Game

Updated for 2024 Academy Awards! The Oscars are a huge event with friends and families holding parties, know as Oscar viewing parties, to watch the red carpet, pre-Oscar show, discuss the best movies & actors, and then finally the Oscars.

For many, no Oscar watching party is complete without the guests making predictions as to who win will. One of the easiest games to play is “Pick the Oscar Winners.” While this sounds easy very few people can get them all right, in fact a few years ago The Washington Post held an Oscar contest and no one out of 3,500 people got all 7 correct!

We love the Oscar and create a Free printable Pick the Oscar Winners game pdf, that you can easily print and play. Add an extra Oscar trivia game or two and some Hollywood decorations and you’ll be set to watch the Academy Awards.

Free Printable Pick the Oscar Winner Game – 2024 Academy Awards
Academy Awards Oscars Pick the Winners 2024
Pick the Oscar 2024 Winner Game
Updated for 2024 Oscar Nominations
get the Free Oscar Game pdf.

Our Oscar game makes watching the Oscars more fun and seeing who can correctly pick the best movie, actor, actress, director and a few others.

We include a tie-breaker in the game, here are the 2024 tie breaker answers.
In 1984 how many Oscars did “Terms of Endearment” win? 
Answer: 5
How many Academy Award nominations did “Terms of Endearment” receive?
Answer: 11