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Printable Halloween Games

These Printable Halloween Games and activities are perfect for any event leading up to Halloween, dinner parties, office event and even weekend Halloween activities for kids. We've got Halloween favorites like Bingo, Charades, and Halloween Trivia games, but we also offer fun contestant style games like Match Me and easy Halloween activities for kids. There really is something for everyone, whether you are just getting the party started or need something to keep everyone busy for a few minutes. What is so great about these Halloween games is that you can purchase, print and play within minutes!

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Escape the Cemetery Left Right Game

Our Halloween Left Right passing game follows friends on a ghost hunting adventure. Escape the Cemetery will have kids listening and passing gifts / candy left and right until the story ends.

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Halloween Taboo Game Cards

113 Halloween Taboo Cards – Have fun challenging Halloween guests to guess the Halloween terms without saying the taboo words, that cannot be said. Party game for teens & adults. include blank cards too.

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Halloween Drink If

Halloween Drink If game includes 114 Halloween Drink If cards for a social, fun and entertaining evening with friends. Discover who has run out of candy, hooked up because of a costume and more. Adult party game.

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Halloween Charades for Kids

With 113 Kid’s Halloween Charades cards, they’ll be acting out and having fun. Charade cards include costume, silly action items and lots of compound words. 113 Halloween charade cards and blank cards.

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Halloween Bingo Printable Game Cards

Want a Halloween game that is never the same twice and kids and adults enjoy? Then our printable Halloween Bingo may be the perfect party game for you, choose from 12, 25, and 40 Halloween Bingo card packs.

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Halloween Elimination Trivia Game

Printable Halloween Elimination trivia game is so easy, just choose answer A or B. Choose wrong and you are eliminated, choose right and stay in the game. Works great for large groups up to 120 and small groups too.

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Kids Halloween Image Bingo

Our Halloween Kid’s Image Bingo is Bingo but for pre-k and young children. Colorful graphics, fun Halloween images and just 4 in a row to Win! Printable Kid’s Bingo in 12, 25 and 40 card game packs.

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Halloween Nightmare Bingo

Guests will be paralyzed in fear as the Bingo caller selects the next Halloween Nightmare Bingo square. This Bingo game plays on your worst fears, so don’t be alone when someone screams – BINGO!

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Decades of Horror Movie Trivia Game

Will you be the King of Horror Movie Trivia? Our Halloween Decades of Horror trivia game challenges film and scary movie buffs to determine when these 40 horror movies were released.

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Trick or Treat Halloween Candy Game

Trick or Treat Candy Match includes 24 Halloween candies and clues that must be matched up to win. A fun Halloween candy trivia game that works for the office, classroom, friends and family.

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Halloween Match Me

Zany, fun, and sometimes crude, our Halloween Match Me party game for teens and adults is the hilarious party game for small Halloween events and parties. You get 4 Halloween Match Me Games, just print and play.

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Halloween Charades

124 Halloween Charades and Draw It cards ready for you. Just print and get ready to see guests act out Boiling Bones, Zombie Baby, Death by Ceiling Fan and more. Get Halloween Charades & Pictionary now.

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Halloween Trivia Questions Game

Halloween Trivia game includes 22 questions about Halloween history, legends, candy and a mix of interesting facts. A fun Halloween Trivia game for teens, friends, family, office and social groups.

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Halloween Who Am I?

Halloween Who Am I? A children’s Halloween guessing games where kids try to discover what Halloween character or item they are by asking the right questions. Recommended for kids 6 and older.

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Which Witch is Which Trivia Game

Which Witch is Witch? Challenging witch trivia game where guests must match the 21 witches with the trivia clues. Witches include good and evil witches. Halloween game best for those 16 and older.

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Penguins First Halloween Left Right Story

Penguins First Halloween Left Right Story takes you along as our penguins go trick-or-treating for the very first time. Great for pre-k, kindergarten and young kids who are just learning about trick-or-treating.

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Horror Movie Madness Game

Horror Movie Madness – Match 24 horror movie characters to their trivia clues to win this adult Halloween party game. Perfect for those who enjoy horror films, Stephen King and slasher films. Ages 16 and up.

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Halloween Mind Match Game

Ghost ____? Halloween Mind Match is a finish my phrase type game that has kid’s guessing what others are thinking. Each game includes a variety of Halloween phrases and with 3 games in our Halloween Mind Match pack you’ll have lots of fun.

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Zombie Trivia Game

20 Zombie Trivia Questions to test your zombie knowledge of movies, tv, music and other fun zombie related facts. Our zombie trivia game includes a variety of questions and is fun for teens and adults.

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