Fast Paced Candy Bowl Halloween Dice Game

If you like playing LCR, you are going to enjoy playing Candy Bowl our Halloween dice game where everyone is playing to win the candy bowl that grows in size as the game goes on.

Like LCR this is a fast paced dice game, but unlike LCR we have adapted the game for Halloween and made several changes in order to keep it interesting.

• Everyone starts with 3 or 4 pieces of Halloween candy
• If a 3 or 4 of a kind is rolled, then the game is over (See how this works below)

Everybody wishes for a big stash of Halloween candy, and now with our Candy Bowl Halloween Dice Game one lucky player can take home a haul of candy bars and sweets. The best part is that no one knows who that player will be until the very end.

What age group is Candy Bowl best suited for?
This game is best suited for kids and adults that are competitive and old enough to be okay with not winning the candy. During the game candy is taken by other players, if the thought of this happening provokes a meltdown by your kids or that get upset by not winning do not play this game at your Halloween party.

Party Game Ideas recommends this game for adults and kids ages 12 and over.

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DIY dice game information below.

Game Prep – Candy Bowl Dice Game

• 3 or 4 pieces of candy per person – These can be small candies, but at least one should be a full bar. We recommend you mix the candies and candy bars up so there is a variety.
• 3 or 4 dice
• Large bowl (candy bowl), trick or treat bag or jack-o-lantern. You need a container large enough for all the candy.

Space Requirement
You need a table or a room where everyone can sit or stand around in a circle and place the Halloween candy bowl in the center. Most rooms will work for groups under 15, however if you have a larger group make sure you have the space to play.

Choosing to Play with 3 or 4 Dice
LCR is played with 3 dice, but for our Halloween dice game we give you two options 3 or 4 dice.

• Reasons to play with 3 dice
a. You are limited on time. Playing with 3 dice speeds up the game.
b. You have more than 12 people. With 15 or 20 people, it can take a while for the dice to move around the table and kids might lose interest. Playing with 3 dice helps speed up the game and keeps their attention.
c. You ate some of the Halloween candy and you don’t have enough to give them 4 pieces each. 🙂

• Reason to play with 4 dice
a. You have 12 or less guests.
b. It keeps the game going longer and there is more Halloween candy to win!

How to Play Candy Bowl Halloween Dice Game & Game Rules

1. Gather everyone around and let them know they are going to playing “Halloween Candy Bowl” a dice game where the winner gets to claim all the Halloween candy in the bowl (trick-or-treat bag) in the center. Now show everyone the candy bowl.

2. Ask everyone to sit around a table or in a circle on the floor and place the Halloween candy bowl in the center.

3. Now go over the Halloween Candy Bowl Game Rules.
• Everyone will start the game with a set amount of candy either 3 or 4 pieces.
• A group of six side dice (either 3 or 4) will be passed around the circle in a clockwise direction and each player will roll 1 die for each piece of candy that they have. So at the start of the game when everyone has 3 or 4 pieces of Halloween candy, every player rolls all of the dice, however as the game goes on players may only have 1 or 2 pieces of candy and can correspondingly roll only 1 or 2 dice.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Players who have no Halloween candy are not out of the game, but their turn is skipped that round.
• Based on other players roll of the dice, players may reacquire candy. So you are never out of the game until their is a winner.

What the Rolls of the Dice Equal
• If you roll a 2, 4, or 6 (even numbers) then you get to keep one piece of your candy.
• A 1 means that the person on the players left can take a piece chocolate bar or sweet from that player.
• A 3 means that the players place one of their candies in the Candy Bowl in the center.
• A 5 means that the person on the players right can take a piece chocolate bar or sweet from that player.

If both a 1 and a 5 come during the same roll, the player on the Left gets to choose the candy they want first and then the player on the Right gets to choose.

How the Halloween Candy Bowl Game Ends
There are 2 ways to end this dice game.

1. The candy bowl game ends when only 1 player has a piece or pieces of candy left and all the other candy is in the candy bowl. This player then wins all the Halloween candy!

• If any player rolling the maximum amount of dice (either 3 or 4) rolls all of the same numbers. (1,1,1 or 2, 2, 2… (3 of a kind), and if playing with 4 dice they need to roll 1, 1, 1, 1 (4 of a kind)) The game is over and the person who rolled the it gets all the Halloween candy in the center and everyone else gets to keep the candy in front of them.

The odds of a player rolling three of a kind are 1 in 36 and rolling 4 of a kind is over 1 in 200! This gives our Halloween dice game a unique and fun twist and it means everyone could end up with some candy.

Candy Bowl Dice Game Notes & Comments
• This dice game like LCR can be ruthless and players steal candy and are forced to place candy in the center bowl. With that in mind, make sure your kids can deal with their favorite candy bar or sweet being taken away without getting upset. We recommend this game for adults, teens and kids 8 and up.

• Make things interesting include small candies, mini-candy bars and full size bars. Just make sure that everyone gets the same mix to start the game.

• Get a mix of Halloween candies. The game gets a little dull if you are winning 30 gumballs or Kit Kat bars. So get a variety pack and consider weaving in a mix of gross Halloween candy or even party favors like temporary tattoos just for fun.

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Halloween Candy Bowl an LCR like Dice Game for Parties


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