Halloween Escape the Cemetery Left Right Game

Left Right Gift Passing Games are a classic game that be be played at any occasion, but often we find that the stories focus more on passing items Left or Right than writing a good story. So we wrote our own.

Escape the Cemetery is a Party Game Ideas story of 4 friends who on a ghost hunting adventure in the cemetery on a chilly, fall evening. We wrote the story, drew a map of our cemetery – so we would know when and where to make a left or a right and then weaved in other Left and Rights into the story. We have a snippet below.

Halloween Escape the Cemetery Left Right Game
Escape the Cemetery is a Left, Right Gift / Candy Passing game. We provide you with the Escape the Cemetery story, which take around five and a half to six minutes to read, and bold the words LEFT and RIGHT so they are easy to see. We also include game play instructions and a Left Right game variation.

Printable Halloween Left Right Game - Escape the CemeteryHalloween Left Right Game
Escape the Cemetery

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What do you pass in a Halloween Left Right Game?
There are several options when playing a Halloween Left Right Game
a. Ask guests to bring a wrap Halloween item for the game.
b. Take candy bars or a Halloween favors and mark or number them or have two or three that are special, maybe you wrap them in orange paper. Then at the end of the game, everyone keeps the item they have and those with the special items win something extra. Sometimes numbering them is easier because then the kids don’t know which ones are special and then at the end of the game state which numbers were the lucky ones.

Please know that you can ask guests to bring a gift for the game or use candy bars and favors and mark a few to get special prizes. What tends to be the fun part is the passing of the items and the reading of the story.

Here is how Escape the Cemetery begins.

There is not much time LEFT, said Noah. We need to get to the cemetery before sunset.
I know you are RIGHT, said Anna, but Madison just LEFT her house and you said Jack’s mom said he would be right over, RIGHT?  Just be patient.
I know you’re RIGHT Anna, but tonight we’re going ghost hunting.

The story continues with their adventure to the cemetery, where guests will discover whether or not their ghost hunting was a success. Escape the Cemetery Left Right game is printed on 3 sheets of paper and takes about five and a half minutes to read.

We highly recommend that party host read our Halloween Left Right game out loud at least twice before the left right game begins just to get the flow and timing of the story. We’ve learned it helps make for a better story telling and game as you can accentuate the dramatic parts of the story.

Our Halloween Left Right game can be played by any kids old enough to understand their left from their right. While is it not exceptionally scary, we would say it is best for ages 5 and up and fun for classrooms, youth events and family gatherings.

Escape the Cemetery was inspired by my youth, as I lived across from the cemetery. There really is a giant square tombstone and a soldier statue in the cemetery and often we talked about ghosts. I am glad I was able to share a little bit of me with you and hope you enjoy our printable Halloween Left Right game.

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