31 Easy to Make Halloween Party Snacks for Kids & Adults

This year have fun with your Halloween food by making fun Halloween snacks inspired by ghosts, spiders, mummies, witches and more. We have searched for some great example of Halloween party snacks that are, in most cases, easy to make and fun to eat. So this year enjoy having your food in costumes as well as your kids!

These Halloween snacks and appetizers provide a variety of spooky food options for all your ghoulish guests. Party hosts will enjoy these as then tend to be easy to make and fun to sink your teeth into. So enjoy viewing these Halloween party snack ideas for kids that include witches fingers, puking pumpkins, spider cookies, mummy wraps, monster apples, zombie Oreos and more.

1. Peanut Butter Pumpkin Spiders
Cookie - Peanut Butter Spiders
Seasonal Peanut Butter Pumpkins, chocolate chips, pretzels, mini candy eyes. Source Hershey’s Reeses
You can also use cookies and York Peppermint Patties too!

2. Easy Witches Hats
These no bake recipes make is easy for kids and adults to make these Halloween bites.
Witches Hat Cookies
All you need is Oreos, Icing, Hershey Kisses, Wilton candy melts, Source PrincessPinkyGirl

3. Witches Broomsticks

These are really easy to make Mini-Reese’s Pieces and thin pretzel sticks.
Tip use a toothpick to make the hole for the broomstick as we noticed that sometimes the pressure form the pretzel stick can break the Reese’s base. We left the wrapping on one and it looks good. This can be helpful in warm climates, plus it can help keep fingers clean.

4. Hotdog Mummy Wraps
Halloween Mummy Dogs - Hotdog Snacks
Wrap up snacks the will want to eat. Halloween Mummy Dogs are hot dogs and Pillsbury crescent rolls. Here are several recipes from the Pillsbury site – Mummy Dogs, Walking Mummy Dogs, Cheesey Crescent Mummy Dogs
For adult parties – Consider adding bacon to the wrap!

5. Pumpkin Cuties – Health Snacks
Healthy Halloween Food - Tangerine Pumpkins Snack Kids
Tangerine pumpkins are easy healthy Halloween for kids. Make with tangerines and celery sticks. Present on the table with ghost and traditional Halloween decorations.

6. Frankenstein Squares
Frankenstein Squares - Rice Krispies
Nom, Nom, Nom – These haunting Rice Krispie Treats will make for a fun activity and a wonderful surprise at the your Halloween party. Learn how to make them at Big Bears Wife site. If you are inspired, consider making other monsters like Dracula, Mummies, Witches and more to add to your table.

7. Vampire Teeth
Vampire Teeth Halloween Snacks
Apples, peanut butter or nutello, and marshmallows help create these choppers that Dracula would drool over. This snack works with red or green apples and we have seen people substitute cookies for apples. Source Epicurious.

8. Jalapeño Mummy Poppers
Halloween Jalapeño Mummy Poppers
Friends that want something hot, will want to sink their teeth into these mummies. Best for teen and adult Halloween events. Source: The Hopeless Housewife

9. Strawberry Ghosts
Strawberry Ghosts Halloween Party Snacks
Tasty and delicious, these strawberry ghosts are a favorite of all ages. These take about 45 minutes but the results are worth it. Source: Blog.CandiQuick

10. Popcorn or Rice Krispies Pumpkins
Popcorn Pumpkins
We have seen these pumpkins made with popcorn and Rice Krispies. The Rice Krispies can be a little more dense and compact than popcorn. This Rice Krispies recipe includes Rice Krispies, butter and marshmallows to create marshmallow treats, food coloring, and icing are needed. If you need assistance, we found a good recipe here at Cooking Classy.

11. Spooky Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Yogurt Covered Pretzels
Halloween Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Purchase or make your own chocolate covered pretzels, then add Wilton candy eyes and you can have fun like up adding icing that may or may not be messy! If you purchase chocolate covered pretzels you may want to pick up some icing to help stick the eyes to the pretzels. Tip: If you are making your own, get the mini-pretzels with the smallest holes.

Spooky Yogurt Covered Pretzels
These look a little crazy, but taste delicious and if you have kids they will enjoy adding the eyes. We like the yogurt covered pretzel and white chocolate covered pretzels because the white coating reflects the colored lights on your food table.

12. Ghost Boo Bananas Pops
Ghost Boo Bananas
Bananas, white chocolate, and chocolate chips or icing make this a boo-tiful treat for kids Halloween parties. FYI – The popsicle sticks are helpful but not necessary. Source: SkinnyTaste

13. Grape Monster Eyes
Grape Monster Eyes
Simple and charming grape monster eyes are made with grapes, Wilton candy eyes, and icing to affix the eyes to the grapes. Source: A Thrifty Mom

14. Frightful Vampire Donuts
No Bake Vampire Donuts
Sweet, spooky and fun to bite into, Vampire Donuts are easy and a tasty snack. These are easy and no bake treats that involve vampire fangs, Wilton candy eyes, and icing. What we love about this party snack is you can use a variety of colored teeth, change up the eyes (M&Ms, chocolate chips), it requires no baking and the kids can help. Source: SheKnows

15. Spooky Eyes Cookies
Spooky Eyeball Cookies - Halloween Cookies
If you bake this easy (except for perfecting the icing), but if you don’t it will be a challenge. These eyes will be watching all of your ghouls and goblins as they devour cookie after cookie. Learn how to make these Halloween cookies – Source: Sweet Sugar Belle

16. Halloween Peeps Candy Kabobs
Halloween Peeps Candy Kabobs
It doesn’t get much easier than this, Halloween Peeps, skewers and it is optional whether to wrap in a plastic favor bag. Have fun choosing ghosts, monsters, cats and pumpkins to create your own Halloween Peep kabobs. This makes a great party favor. Find Halloween Peeps here.

17. Peep’s Ghost Brownies
Spooky Peeps Ghost Brownies
Another great Halloween Peeps idea, melt you ghost peeps on brownies or cupcakes and it will look like they are rising from the treat! Pretty easy to put together, we recommend making the brownies and once done and cut, add marshmallow cream spread, place in oven to brown marshmallow cream, pull out of oven add ghost peep and then use a torch to melt the bottom of the ghost peep to the cream. Buy Halloween Peeps, Learn more about making ghost brownies – Source: CincyShopper

18. Marshmallow Candy Corn Treats
Marshmallow Candy Corn Treats
Colorful and whimsical candy corn ghosts are perfect for any kid’s Halloween party and these are so cute. Source: KneadtoCook

19. Halloween Mummy Pretzels
Mummy Pretzels - Halloween Pretzel Rod Snacks
Pretzel rods never tasted so good. These take several steps, but look fantastic. Plus you can take the idea of dipping pretzel rods in white chocolate in a variety of directions. Dye the chocolate green and make a monster, orange and make pumpkin themed, plus you can a sprinkles and small candy ideas for unique creatures. View Mummy Pretzel directions at  Lets Dish Recipes


20. Jack Skellington Skull Caramel Apples
Skull Caramel Apples
Oh so delightful, these Jack Skellington Skull Caramel Apples are so cool and offer a healthy treat. This does take some planning but you’ll have a showstopper. Learn how to make this at Delish.

21. Witches Fingers
Witches Fingers Halloween Snack
Oh my pretty, these are pretty good and creepy. Enjoy these tasty and gnarly looking Witches Fingers that pair well with dipping sauce or jam. The perfect classroom treats that isn’t chocolate. Source: Texanerin Baking

22. Zombie Brain Dip
Halloween Zombie Brain Dip
This would be fun in both the pink color shown or a bright green. Serve this zombie dip in a spooky witch’s cauldron with vanilla wafers, bone-shaped crackers or bread. This is a tasty dessert style dip that tastes better than it looks. Source: Homemade Hooplah

23. Rice Krispie Monster Eyeballs
Rice Krispies Monster Eyeballs
You’ll need to make rice krispie treats, add food coloring and mold into a round shape, that key is to use bright colors and keep these small (one or two bites), then just add a eyeball. Source: Two Sisters Crafting

24. Spiderweb – Cobweb Brownies
Spiderweb Cobweb Brownies
Brownies with just a dash of spookiness. Have fun placing spiders around the plate and even on some of the brownies to add to your Halloween display. If you can bake brownies, this will be easy for you to make. Source: Delish

25. Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
Staying with the spider theme, these spider cookies are a perfect compliment to the spiderweb / cobweb brownies. Start with a base cookie, add a truffle and then chocolate legs. Hmm, this may to good for a kids Halloween party, maybe just save them for the adults. Source: Eat Little Bird

26. Halloween Jello Monsters
Halloween Jello Monsters
Wiggly, Jiggly, Jello with gelatin and creativity can come in all shapes and sizes.
The original blog post has been removed.
• Take Raspberry Jello and round cookie cutters to create a circle.
• Use red licorice laces or pull off the strips from a twizzler. Place in Jello while hardening.
• Add gummy eyes and teeth  to complete the look. Mini-marshmallows could also be used for teeth.
Source: Will Cook for Smiles

27. Witches Brew Candy Bark
Witches Candy Bark Halloween Party Snack
Just add an eye, a pinch of monsters blood, the web of a spider and things that creep and crawl on the ground and you’ll have a Halloween treat this is as much fun to eat as it is to investigate! Enjoy making this gross green food with gummy eyes, gummy frogs and gummy worms! Get the recipe – MomFoodie

28. Halloween Graveyard Cake
Halloween Graveyard Cake
Be inspired to scare and intrigue guests with a graveyard tombstone cake. Enjoy piling up the dirt and adding those little extras to make the kids want to raise their hands for a piece of cake. Source: CountryLiving

29. Zombie Oreos
Zombie Oreos - Halloween Snacks
We made Zombie Oreos a few years ago and they were more for decoration than eating, however when we wrote about the Tombstone cake above we thought it be fun to have a cake with zombie Oreos coming out of the ground like skeletons. Zombie Oreos are easy to make (if you don’t need legs) if you place in the cake and use skeleton hand food picks for their arms. Zombie Oreos are pretty easy to make just break off a section of the Oreo and then use icing (black, red, orange, even white) to decorate and then place into the tombstone cake. Kids will have fun selecting and eating a zombie cookie.

30. Silly Apple Monster Bites
Silly Apple Monster Bites
Green apples, strawberry slices, sunflower seeds, sunflower butter and silly eyes make this tricky snack a real treat for kids. This is a great classroom snack that the kids will enjoy and it’s good for them. Source: Fork and Beans

31. Puking Pumpkins

Puking Pumpkins Halloween Party Snack IdeasNothing is worse than thinking someone is getting sick, but what if it was a pumpkin. In theory these are gross but in reality, the idea is some much fun a pretty easy to pull off. Plus you use a variety of dips and surround them with chips that go with the dip. We saw some that included candy bar, gummy worms and fun items too, so it doesn’t always have to be gross. Source: Dish – All Recipes

We have shared 31 fun and easy Kid’s Halloween Party Snacks that you can use at your Halloween party or be inspired to create something original just for your event. In most cases, the kids can help with many of these ideas and even if something goes wrong it is okay. Most of these are monsters and the more unique the better.

We hope your Halloween party is a smashing success and if you need an activity or two to help burn off all of the candy and snacks, be sure to check out our diy and printable Halloween games.

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Kids Halloween Party Snacks - Easy and Fun Halloween Party Food

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