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Valentine's Day Games

A list of Valentine's Day games and activities for schools, groups, and parties. These Valentine games can keep the kids busy and make Valentine's Day a little more fun; even if the boy next to you has cooties! Enjoy these games and if you have new Valentine's Day game ideas, email me, and I may add them to the list.

Valentine's Day Games include name, supplies and instructions on how to play. Many of our Valentine's Day party games go into more detail and include variations for different age groups. Party Game Ideas feature PGI Printable games and games from other web sites just click on the order button or link to purchase.

Valentine's Hide & Seek
Have all the children hide their eyes while you "hide" a valentine in the room. (It should be placed in plain view) Tell the children to find the Valentine, but not touch it. Once they spot it they should sit back down in their spot. The first one to sit down again will get to hide the valentine.

Valentine's Day Balloon Burst
Blow up lots of big sized balloons (red for Valentine's Day) )and before putting a knot in them, push a small wrapped candy inside (small tootsie rolls, individually wrapped lifesavers, dum-dum lollipops work well, or pieces of paper that name prizes). Spread all the balloons around the floor at the party and let guests go wild sitting on them and popping them. Obviously once popped, they can have the treat that's inside. This can be great fun for young children. Thanks, Jennifer

More Valentine's Day Fun Stuff
We found these; Pictures of Vintage Valentine's Day Cards, Valentines Jokes, and Valentine's Poetry.

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