9 Conversation Hearts Games

Conversation Heart Candy is a Valentine’s Day tradition and these colorful little heart-shaped candy with words and phrases like Be Mine, I Luv U, and Hug Me make Valentine’s Day fun. Well Party Game Ideas is taken Conversation Hearts to the next level with games kids and adults can play with your Conversation Heart Candy.

What? The company that made conversion hearts went out of business!!!
It looks like 2019 is the Year without SweetHeart Conversational Candies, and they should return in 2020. In the meantime consider using M&M’s, Skittles or maybe Hershey Kisses for the games. 

These Conversation Heart games are easy to set up and the challenge level varies based on age and in several games use of chopsticks. As we come up with more Conversational Heart games we will add them to this page.

Hearts in Cup Game
Supplies: Conversation hearts, chopsticks, cups and timer.
Conversation Hearts in Cup Game - Kids Valentine's Party Game

Hearts in Cup Game Prep
Set out small piles of candy hearts on the table and give each player a set of chopsticks and a plastic cup.

How to Play Hearts in Cup Game
a. Explain rules prior to play – When the game starts players must use the chopsticks to get as many conversation candy hearts in their cup within the time limit. Players cannot touch the hearts with their hands (fingers) or move the cup once the game starts.
b. If the kids/players have never used chopsticks, show them how they work and place a few hearts in a cup as an example. Give players 10-20 seconds to practice.
c. Empty cups prior to game play. (If you practiced.)
d. When the host says go, start your timer (30 seconds tends to work best) and kids start placing the hearts in the cup.
e. Once the timer goes off, chopsticks down! The host goes around and counts the number of hearts in each cup and the player with the most conversation candy hearts Wins!

Lots of Kids – Play Tournament Style
Hearts in a Cup game can easily played in rounds where (4-6) kids play at a time and the winner moves on to the finals. This is helpful if you have a lot of kids and a limited amount of conversation hearts, chopsticks and cups.

If the final round ends in a tie – Play first person to get 10 hearts in the cup first wins. This shifts the game to a time issue to who can complete the task the fastest game.

Conversation Heart Stacking Game
Supplies: Candy hearts, chopsticks, solid table or countertop

Conversation Hearts Stacking Game - Kids Valentines Day Party Game

Heart Stacking Game Prep
Each player should have a pile of 12-15 conversation hearts, chopsticks, some elbow room and a solid foundation. A solid table, individual flat desk or kitchen counter tends to work best for this game, the reason why is because we have seen some kids accidentally or purposely bump the table and cause all the stacks to fall down.

How to Play Conversation Heart Stacking Game
a. Set up your heart stacking stations and let the kids know that they will have 30 seconds (or more if you want) to create the tallest single Heart Stack using the candy hearts and chopsticks.
b. The stack must be standing at the end of the game and cannot be supported be other items or hearts. It must be freestanding.
c. The person having the Stack with the most conversation hearts wins.

We had a lot of fun playing this game and set up 4 stacking stations. After each round we recorded the highest score and had two players tie and had them play again.

Side Note: Some kids get pretty excited during games, just remember to tell them not to jump around during the game.

Conversation Hearts Match Game
Supplies: Candy hearts, small group play 2 – 3 players

Game Prep & Play
a. Take hearts and find sets of hearts with the same words on them.
Consider 8 – 10 sets of 2 hearts with same words = 16 to 20 game pieces
or 4 – 6 sets of 4 hearts with the same words = 16 to 24 game pieces.
b. Mix up pieces and place the words face down.
c. 2 – 3 players take turns flipping 2 candy hearts over and seeing if they have matched the words. If they get a match the hearts come up the board and that player earns 1 point, and takes another turn. If they do not match, the hearts get flipped back over and the next player takes their turn.
d. Play until all the matches are found and then the player with the most points wins.
e. Play one round or several.

Conversation Heart Tic Tac Toe
Supplies: Hearts, paper, pen/pencil
Candy Heart Tic Tac Toe

Sometimes simple games are the easiest. Just take a piece of paper create a tic tac toe grid, separate the heart colors and have the kids start playing traditional tic tac toe. The first person to get three in a row or across wins.

The only downside to Heart Tic Tac Toe is that sometimes kids eat the hearts and don’t have enough to play with!

Candy Heart Bottle Drop Game
Supplies: Conversation Hearts, bottle(s)
Candy Heart Bottle Drop - Kid's Valentines Day GameThis is a fun target game for kids to play on Valentine’s Day and it is like the clothespin game.

Individual Play
a. Place tape on the floor to note a stand line. Player feet can not cross this line.
b. Place a bottle a foot in front of the stand line. (place a dot / mark on the floor so you always know where to place it.
c. Each player is given 10 candy hearts.  With their arm extended at shoulder height, they must drop the hearts and try to land it in the bottle.
d.  The player getting the most in wins.

Team Play
a. You’ll need a lane for each Team that includes – a bowl of hearts, Team Stand Line, stand line for the heart drop and a bottle.
b. Divide the group into Teams and place each Team at the Team Stand Line which is 10 feet behind the heart drop line.
c. At the Team Stand Line have a bowl of hearts and when the game host says go the 1st Player of each Team grabs one heart (you can opt for 2 hearts per turn if younger kids), races to the drop line and tries to drop the heart in the bottle.
– If Successful – They race back and Tag the next player to take their turn, and that player which got the heart in can go stand behind the bottle as they have successfully completed the task.
– If they MISS – The player must return to their team, tag the next player, and go to the end of the team line.
d. Players must continue to play until all players on their team have successfully gotten the hearts into the bottle. First to team to do this wins.

Team Play Option:
Increase the number of hearts they can drop per round.
So round 1 – Every player gets 1 heart, Round 2 they can take 2 hearts, Round 3 = 3 hearts and so on. This speeds up the game.

Valentine Transfer the Hearts Straw Game
Supplies: Conversation hearts, straw, plate and Valentine heart

Valentine's Transfer the Hearts Straw Game - Kids Party Games

Transfer the Hearts Game Prep
Each player should have a plate with 12-15 conversation hearts on it, a straw, and paper Valentine’s heart in front of them. All the paper Valentine’s hearts should be the same size and at least 1 foot away from the plate. This game is often played around a table with players standing, so move the chairs out of the way.

How to Play Transfer the Heart Straw Game
a. Set up a station (plate with hearts, valentine and straw) for each player.
b. Explain the rules: Players must transfer all of the Conversation Hearts from the plate to the inside the lines of Valentine by only using the straw!
c. To do this players must suck in using the straw so the candy heart stick to the one of the straw and then quickly move it to the heart and drop it. (If the kids are unsure, show an example.)
d. First person to get all their hearts in the heart wins.

Conversation Hearts Straw Race
Supplies: Conversation hearts, straw, start line, finish line

This conversation hearts game is pretty simple and is often played across tables or counters and often has 2-4 players competing at a time.

Place hearts on the edge of the counter of table, hand each player a straw, and let them know that they must use the straw to blow the candy heart to a finish line or off the other side (should be about 3 feet in distance). First one to complete the task wins.

They can not use their hand to move the heart. They can not suck up the heart and then blow it across. (Good idea but lets keep it fair.)

Candy Heart & Spoon Relay
Supplies: Candy Hearts, Spoon, Space & Bowls
Candy Hearts Spoon Relay Race - Valentines Day Kids Party Game
This is a fun game for a larger group and you can play 2-6 Teams!

Heart & Spoon Relay Race Game Prep
a. Set a start line and place an empty bowl with a spoon in it. You’ll need a bowl and spoon (same size for all teams) for each team. You may want to set the bowl and spoon on a tv tray, chair or stool.
b. 10 – 15 feet away (opposite side of room) place a bowl with conversation heart in it. You will have one bowl per team. Each bowl should have the same amount of hearts. How many hearts should go in the bowl? We recommend 10 per team member, so if you have 4 team members 40 hearts, 6 = 60 hearts. This way each team member should be able to go twice and maybe 3 times during the game.

How to Play Heart & Spoon Relay Race
a. Divide the group into team and explain the instructions.
b. When the game host says go, the first person from each team will grab the spoon and race to bowl at the other side of the room, scoop up as many hearts as the can and bring them back to the bowl at the Starting Line. Once they complete that task, then the next player gets to go and that player goes to the end of the team’s line.
However if they drop a heart from their spoon they still continue with the hearts they have, but they must go back, pick up the hearts that fell and place them back in the bowl at the opposite end of the room before they can return to the starting line and give the spoon to the next player. – Game HostsYou may want one person watching each team to keep teams honest.
c. The first team to move all their conversation hearts from the far bowl to the startling line bowl wins.

Conversation Hearts Guess How Many
This guessing game is a bit more passive then the kid’s Valentine’s Day games above but it is still fun. Get detail on how to play Valentine’s Guess How Many.

This Conversation Hearts games and activities are perfect for Valentine’s Day parties, classrooms, youth groups and even adults. They are simple, fun and a great way to enjoy those conversational heart candies.