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Printable Christmas Games

These printable Christmas Games and activities are perfect for any event leading up to Christmas. Now you can make your dinner parties, office events, gift exchanges, holiday parties and even weekends, more fun with our Christmas party games. We've got Holiday favorites like Christmas Bingo, Charades, and Trivia games, but we also offer fun contestant style games like Match Me, Trivia Quiz Challenges and easy holiday activities for kids. Whether you are just getting the party started or need something to keep everyone busy for a few minutes Party Game Ideas has printable Christmas games for you. Just purchase Christmas games, download, print and play within minutes!

Party Game Ideas Printable Christmas Games

Christmas Bingo

Festive Christmas Bingo in 12, 25 and 40 card packs. Colorful holiday graphics make this printable Christmas Bingo a holiday family tradition.

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Christmas Song Lyrics Game

Christmas Song Lyrics – Know It? Tests Christmas song and carol knowledge in this harder than you expect printable party games. All ages 8 and up – 2 game pack.

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Christmas Quiz Challenge Game

Christmas Quiz Challenge – 100 Holiday trivia questions, 4 game boards played Jeopardy style. Fun Christmas categories and play options for individual or teams.

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Find Santas Reindeer Scavenger Hunt

Find Santa’s Reindeer Christmas Scavenger Hunt will have guests racing around to discover where Santa’s reindeer have gone. Great for families, kids, and office holiday parties.

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Christmas Match Me

Christmas Match Me – Zany, fun and sometimes crude this Christmas party game is for adults. This Match Game type game comes with 4 printable Christmas party games.

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Christmas Gift Exchange Chaos

Gift Exchange Chaos – Fun gift exchange game that has you swapping gifts based on 40 different printable Gift Exchange Chaos cards. Christmas party game for holiday parties.

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Christmas Taboo Game Cards

116 Christmas Taboo Cards – Have fun challenging Christmas guests to guess the Halloween terms without saying the taboo words. Party game for teens & adults. includes blank cards & game variations.

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Christmas Carol Bingo

Christmas Carol Bingo may be the most fun you can have playing Bingo this holiday season. Holiday Songs and Christmas Carols help to make your party merry and bright!

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Christmas Movie Trivia

20 Christmas Movie Trivia Questions from Holiday movies. Printable Christmas game challenges you to answer trivia questions about movies from the 80’s, 90’s & 2000’s.

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Ernie the Elf Gift Passing Game

40 Gift Passing cards that will have everyone passing gifts left and right rather than stealing them. Ernie’s gift exchange is the perfect Christmas party game for holiday parties.

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Christmas Song Scramble

Can you make sense of these jumbled Christmas songs? Christmas Song Scramble challenges players to unscramble the Christmas carols fast. 2 Game Pack.

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Three Wise Men Left Right Game

Inspired by the Bible, Hezekiah and the Three Wise Men Left Right game is a fun Left – Right story for Bible study, Sunday School and Church group gift exchanges.

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Elf Name Generator

Elf Name Generator – Find out what your Elf Name is with this easy Elf Name Generator that you can print out for your party. Name game for some extra laughs during your holiday party.

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Christmas Cartoon Trivia Game

22 Christmas TV Special Trivia Questions – Challenge your guests to answer Christmas cartoon questions about Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, Charlie Brown and more. Fun printable Holiday trivia game for all ages 10 and up.

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Christmas Corners

When the music stops pick a Christmas Corner and see if you make it to the next round. A fun all ages Christmas party game that you can play several times.

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Christmas Who Am I

Am I a Snowman, Santa or Penquin? Christmas Who Am I? holiday game will have kids asking lots of questions. Diy and printable Christmas Who Am I? game for all ages.

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Holiday Mind Match

Holiday Mind Match – The Christmas party Finish my Phrase, Fill in the Blank game for kids and adults. Printable 3 game party pack, reading skills required. Ages 7 and up.

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Printable Bible Games

Printable Bible Games, Trivia, Church Sunday School Games. These printable Bible Games are perfect for Church events and activities and include printable games for kids and adults.

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Christmas Image Bingo

Christmas Image Bingo for kids is the perfect Holiday Bingo game for young kids. Our 4×4 bingo game has colorful seasonal images that make holidays fun.

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Christmas Charades for Kids

60 Christmas Charades cards for kids will keep them jumping, laughing and acting out the strangest things. Christmas Charades for kids is great for holiday group events.

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Free Christmas Word Search

Free Christmas Word Search – Free Printable Ernie the Elf Holiday Word Search – Have fun finding characters and places mentioned in the book. Use as activity or party game.

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Christmas Trivia Games

Christmas Trivia Games ideas and printable game options. Printable Christmas trivia and quiz games include Christmas, Songs, Movies, TV Specials, Bible, and other holiday trivia games.

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