Find Santa’s Reindeer – Scavenger Hunt Game

DIY Supplies: Reindeer, pen and paper, places to hide reindeer

Find Santa’s Reindeer is a scavenger hunt type game that is a lot of fun for offices, homes and places where you have multiple rooms / areas to hide reindeer. We also offer a Find Santa’s Reindeer Relay Race using the two sets of reindeer, see below under variations.

Find Santa’s Reindeer Printable Game
Our Find Santa’s Reindeer includes 9 young reindeer and 9 adult reindeer that can be printed out and used for decorations or for game play. The younger reindeer come 2 per sheet and the older ones 1 per sheet. Just print out the reindeer, cut them out and hide for holiday fun. Instructions for the Scavenger Hunt included in game pdf.

Find Santa's Reindeer Scavenger Hunt GameFind Santa’s Reindeer
is a printable download

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9 Young Reindeer – Different Scarf Colors or Expressions
9 Older Reindeer – Different Scarf Colors or Pose
Instructions for Scavenger Hunt Game Play

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This is a great activity for kids, families and even adults. It is silly and fun and if you play the relay race version it becomes competitive!

Rules, Instructions, Prep and Play
Find Santa’s Reindeer Scavenger Hunt Game Prep

1. You’ll need to buy 8 reindeer or print out 8 reindeer images, one more if you want to include Rudolph.

2. You will need to hide the reindeer prior to the arrival of any guests. Hiding places should range from easy to difficult to find. It helps to have different rooms to hide them in and indoor & outdoor locations. Record where you have placed all of the reindeer. Ideas – Tree, Light Fixtures, Behind Firewood, Under a Table, Mixed in with Presents

3. Create a sheet where guests will write down the location of the reindeer.

How to Play Find Santa’s Reindeer Scavenger Hunt

1. Once the guests have arrived, hand out the Find Santa’s Reindeer Scavenger Hunt sheet with the number of reindeer they need to find and a blank space beside each number so they can write in the location.

2. Share the background story – Santa’s Reindeer had a big party last night, the eve before Christmas Eve, and now Santa doesn’t know where they are and he needs your help to find his reindeer! We created a video when we played this game at the party (in a breaking news format) and it was a great success.

3. Let them know the Reindeer Scavenger Hunt area; house, office, yard or ballroom. Also a photo or picture as a samples of the reindeer they are looking for this way they know whether they are looking for a paper reindeer or a stuffed reindeer.

4. Before everyone heads out to locate the reindeer let them know that, they better act quick because only the First 8 (or 9 – if Rudolph is used) people / teams to Find Santa’s Reindeer wins a prize.

5. You can play the first teams to Find the Reindeer win a prize, but if the reindeer are difficult to find you might want to set a time limit for the scavenger hunt and then award prizes to the teams that have found the more.

6. Prizes – If you bought stuffed Reindeer – the Reindeer are the prize! And if they are different the first team gets to pick the reindeer they want. I you went with paper reindeer then have prizes for the winners and the first person / team to find all the reindeer gets to pick the prize they want. Then the next person / team picks a prize and so on.

Find Santa’s Reindeer Relay Race
1. Print out both sets of Reindeer from our printable and cut them out. The older reindeer are set up as one per sheet. If you want the reindeer to be about the same size, set the printer on multiple and 2 per sheet to print them smaller so they will be about the same size as the others. 

2. Now you need to find a room(s) where you can hide Santa’s reindeer. Some should be easy and others hard, but make sure all are reachable for your players. You will hide all 18 reindeer, that will give each team 9 reindeer to find. Guests / Players should not be in the game area prior to game play. So you may want to play the game early in the party.

3. Divide the players into two teams and let them know that each team is going to Find Santa’s Reindeer. Show each Team which reindeer they are searching and bring back to the starting line. One group will look for the young reindeer and the other the older reindeer. 

4. Line up your Teams and then when you say go release the first person from each Team to go into the play area to Find Santa’s Reindeer. Once they find one of Santa’s Reindeer; they take it, return to their Team’s starting line, tag the next team member and then hand the reindeer or post it on the wall. 

5. Once tagged the second player on the team now heads find another reindeer and return to the team. This process continues until the first Team has found all the reindeer. That team is the Winner.   

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