Snowball Squishers Relay
Supplies: White balloons, energetic children, optional pen and paper

Snowball Squishers is a fast paced, loud balloon popping game. It is a little messy and you need to make sure that you clean up after the game, especially if you have pets.

Blow up an assortment of small white balloons and place them at one end of the room in a laundry basket, box or contained area. Now divide the children into teams.

When you say go 1 child from each team each runs across the room. Grabs a balloon and must squish (pop) it. And once the balloon is popped they must run back to their team tag the next member of the team and then that child can run down and squishes a balloon.

This continues until every member of one team has completed popping their balloons and they win. If teams are uneven have the first player from the other teams go twice.
Thanks, Linda

Snowball Squishers Balloon Game Variation – Individual Play
Instead of having the balloons in a basket or box, toss them in a room with open space. You’ll want 2 – 4 balloons per player.

Before blowing up the balloons, take small pieces of paper, write numbers on them, and fold them up and place in the balloons. Create a list of the numbers and have each number correspond to candy or small prizes.

Before the game, tell the kids that once they go into the room they need to grab a balloon and pop it by sitting on it. Inside the balloon is a piece of paper, they need to grab and keep that piece of paper as it lets them know what prize / gift the won. For small children who can’t pop the balloons, give them the option to grab the balloon and take it to a parent and then they will pop it.

Once all of the balloons are popped, give out the prizes / gifts based on the numbers.

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