Left Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Games
Supplies: One gift box per person (colorful boxes with lids but not wrapped), recommended all the same style but can be different, then slips of paper 1 (or more, see below) – that says Naughty and all rest say Nice (Make these simple or fancy), several Left / Right stories / scenarios

This Left / Right Gift Passing Game is like the gift exchange game but there are no gifts exchanged. This is a random Gift Passing game where if you are Nice you stay in the game and if you are Naughty you are out!

Left Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Game Prep
1. Get the number of guests playing the game

2. And determine How many Left / Right story breaks you need to have.
You can use paragraph breaks or play every 4 or 5 (Left, Right passes) someone is eliminated. Just review prior to the game how many breaks you need and the number of guests. We offer a Left / Right game, you can write your own or use one you have.

3. IMPORTANT: Determining the numbers of Naughty Slips
If you have 15 people and 5 breaks in the story and you want to have 1 Winner you need to have 3 Gifts with Naughty slips for

4 rounds and 2 Gifts with Naughty slips during the last round. All the other Gifts will have Nice Slips inside them.
d. Now take all the boxes and randomly put a Naughty or Nice slip in each one and put the lids back on.

How To Play Left / Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Game
Gather the kids another and left them know that they are going to play the Left / Right Gift Passing game, this is where you listen to the story and if I say the word Left you pass the gift to your left and if I say Right you pass your gift to the right.

During the game I will say Open Your Gift – At that time you will Open the Gift you have carefully and see if you have been Naughty or Nice.

If you have a Naughty slip in your gift you are out of the game.
If you have a Nice slip in your gift you remain in the game.

Now collect the Naughty Gifts and then the Nice gifts and remove the number of Nice Gifts of children that left the game during that round.

Now if you have all the same type of boxes, place the lids back on the boxes and randomly mix up the Naughty and Nice gifts.

If all the gift boxes are different, you need to move the all of some of the Naughty slips from their box and place into another gift box, so that the kids don’t know which box is Naughty and which is Nice. Now place the lids back on.

Once the boxes have the lids back on, hand the gifts back to the kids and read the next verse, stop and have the kids check their gifts again. This continues until you have read the stories and you have one Winner.

Note: It is helpful to have a helper or during the Left / Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Game, so after the first round ask some of the kids that are out of the game to assist you.

Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady

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