Snowball and Spoon Relay Race for Kids and Adults

Supplies: Wooden spoon, styrofoam balls (substitute spoons and ping pong balls)

Snowball and Spoon Relay Race is the Holiday version of the Egg and Spoon race but now it gets harder because the snowball (Styrofoam ball) is lighter and it is harder to control on a wooden spoon.

Game Play – Snowball and Spoon Relay Race
1. Guests are divided up into teams of 4 – 6 players works best.
2. Set them up at the starting line and hand the first player of each team a Snowball (styrofoam ball) and a wooden spoon.
3. Inform them that the first person must place the snowball on the spoon and simply walk from the starting line down to the half way point (a chair, line, or a gift on the floor) and then must return to the starting line without dropping the snowball.
4. Please stress that they cannot use their hand to keep the snowball on the spoon and if the snowball falls to the floor, they must return to the Starting Line and begin again.
5. Once they successfully complete the task and are back at the Starting Line, they then pass the Snowball and the Spoon to the next player on the team to complete the task.
6. Once all the players on a team have completed the Snowball and Spoon Relay they are the winners.

Make Snowball and Spoon Game More Difficult
1. Have guests wear mittens while playing the game.
2. Add obstacle to the course that they must maneuver around.

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