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Teen and Adult Halloween Party Games


It's time to step up your game with Halloween party games for teens and adults. We've pulled together gross food games, trivia games, Halloween scavenger hunts, charades, nightmare bingo and more geared towards teen and adult parties. These diy Halloween games can be adjusted based on your guests age, whether they are in costume and in some cases how gross they are willing to be.


Teenagers are always looking for party games that push the envelope and for Halloween that often means gross, scary or embarrassing. In many cases teenagers have Halloween parties that don't include costumes or the outfits are very minimal, this allows for messy and gross games to be played without worry of damaging Halloween costumes. 

If you are planning on playing games that might be messy, then consider having bibs or garbage bags to use as coverings so that clothes and themed outfits can be protected. And if you are planning on playing a Halloween game that might have guests placing their face in a food item you might recommend that guest not wear Halloween make-up. Telling them to wear masks or no make-up makes sure that they will not accidentally consume any of their make-up.

Halloween trivia games are a great Halloween office activity and provides some competitive fun with co-workers and friends. We've created a mix of printable Halloween trivia games that includes horror movies, witches, vampire trivia, candy, zombie trivia and more that last for 10-15 minutes and allow for a fun during office Halloween events and potlucks.

Halloween is our favorite fall holiday and those who host events often plan months in advance. We hope our mix of Halloween games for teens and adults help make your Halloween party memorable and fun.