Halloween Costume Scavenger Hunt
Supplies: Phone, list of Halloween costumes

Whether your crowd is into dressing up in Halloween costumes or not they will enjoy this challenge that send them out for an hour to get photos of people in Halloween costumes. This game is best in locations where there are organized events or you will have a lot of adults out and about within a few blocks of your home.

It should be clearly stated not to take photos of children as this can cause concern for parents and the kids.
Also – Always Ask permission before taking a photo.

First, create a list of 15 – 25 Halloween costumes.
Select some of the season’s most popular Halloween costumes.
Then add in classic costumes – Superman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Vampire, Princess, Witch, Michael Myers, Pirate, Pet with costume, add hard ones too, etc…
And then consider – Optional like – Strangest costume, scariest costume and Funniest costumes (Generic but fun.)
If you need ideas visit a Halloween Costume Store and you’ll have lots of ideas.

Now divide your guests into teams and send them out to take pictures of adults wearing these Halloween costumes. To make things more interest you could ask that someone from the party must be in the photo too. However, they can not take pictures of other party guests wearing the costume on the list, photos must be of strangers.

Give the teams about an hour to complete get photos of as many Halloween costuems as they can. Then see which team comes back with the most Costumes checked off their list.

The best part is to see what your guests come back with and the poses in the photos. We did this one year and the first photos were very plain but the last photos on everyones cameras were really hysterical. This is a fun way to see great costumes and enjoy Halloween.

Create a unique Instagram # so you can watch everyone take and post their photos.

Play for fun or play as a game where the team with the most photos take on the list wins.

Use the generic Halloween costume photos as tie-breakers where the host would choose which one was scariest, oddest or funniest costume.