Printable Halloween Jokes

110 Funny Halloween jokes are perfect for lunch boxes jokes, party favors, kid’s Halloween parties, and playing Halloween Don’t Laugh. We’ve pulled together a great mix of Halloween jokes, knock-knock riddles and even created some new Halloween funnies for this printable. So get into the Halloween spirit with humor, laughter, and monster inspired silliness.

You’ll want these 110 Halloween Jokes are for
Halloween Lunch Box Jokes
Send them off to school with spooky, ghostly, and spell-binding good fun. These jokes and riddles are silly, punny, and a great way to send love and brighten their lunch period. Plus with 110 printable jokes to choose from your kids can get different jokes and never the same joke twice.

Unique and Fun Party Favor
Send them home with a favor that can keep the fun of the party going and spread the Halloween spirit to others. Plus with 11 sheets of Halloween jokes, groups of friends and siblings won’t all telling the same jokes. These are better than a cheap toy that ends up in the trash, and it gets kids tell jokes and socializing.

Halloween Dad Jokes Cheat Sheet
Dads always tell the corniest jokes, but even dads need new material. Well we offer 110 Halloween jokes and we created over a dozen new jokes for this printable pack. So purchasing our joke pack will give dads something to crow about everyday of October.

Halloween Don’t Laugh Game
This kid’s Halloween party game for kids is easy and fun. Kids tell jokes and if members of the other team laugh, the player’s team that told the joke scores points. This printable joke pact comes with instructions and rules on how to play Halloween Don’t Laugh game. It works well at Halloween parties, as a classroom activity, social groups, neighborhood gatherings, and with friends.

110 Printable Halloween Jokes – Don’t Laugh Game
You get 110 Halloween jokes and a blank page with 10 joke cards. Use for lunch box jokes, kid’s party favors or play Halloween Don’t Laugh game. Purchase and the pdf link will be emailed to you.

110 Printable Halloween Jokes Lunch Box Jokes Funny Dad Jokes
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Printable Halloween Jokes includes:
110 Halloween Jokes
10 Blank Card – Add your own jokes & messages
Rules & Instructions for Halloween Don’t Laugh Game

Once purchased, the game link will be emailed to so you can download it.

Halloween Don’t Laugh Game Notes and Comments
• Don’t Laugh is a silly joke game that involves teams.

• Reading skills are recommended for this game. If the kids are unable to read then a sibling or adult can be the designated joke reader.

• During game play, you’ll need 1 or 2 adults to watch the teams to see if anyone laughs.

• We like this game for kids because it is social, simple, silly and everybody takes a turn. It is less about winning and more about fun.

• Recommended for Ages 4 – 10. If your kids like jokes and laugh at silly things, then most likely your group will enjoy this party game.

Printable Halloween Jokes

We had so much fun researching, writing and coming up with a party game for 110 printable Halloween jokes, that we know you’ll enjoy sending them off to school, using at your Halloween party, or just watching kids trying not to laugh at the jokes. Few things change you mood then laughter, and with these printable jokes you’ll definitely brighten someone’s day.

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