Gross & Spooky Halloween Candy

Give your Trick or Treaters something unique and spooky this Halloween or just have cool Halloween candy or props for your Halloween event. Check out the gross Halloween candy we found at various candy and novelty stores online. Squishy eyeballs, gummy worms, bugs and body parts are just some of the disgusting Halloween candy we found. We also have Bags of Blood, monster lollipops, ghost ring pops, personalized candy bars, and other fun Halloween treats.

Just imagine the fun and the looks on kids, parents or guests faces when you hand them this gross Halloween candy. This is the perfect way to add some fun to any Halloween party or Halloween night.

• Some of our favorite Halloween Candy is Out of Stock, however we will keep checking online and will update once available.

• Enjoy Halloween Candy then check out our printable Trick or Treat Candy Match game. 

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Make your Halloween party or event extra special with personalized candy bars. We sampled to candy bars below, but if you click on the Halloween candy you can see all of their personalized candy offerings. This are great for business and community events.
One thing to keep in mind when buying Halloween candy and novelty Halloween candy like shown above is that it is seasonal and in limited supply. Be aware that once this Halloween candy is sold out it might be gone for the season. So get your gross Halloween candy order in early and make trick or treating at your house a Halloween event.

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