Bad Baby Shower Advice Game & Baby Advice Cards

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Baby advice changes over time but until we started putting together 100 Years of Bad Baby Advice, we didn’t realize how strange and odd baby advice can be. And just to make sure that there is some good advice for the new mom and/or parents, we included Baby Advice cards you can print and use for the shower.

We’ve pulled together 18 bits of baby advice wisdom and a few odd facts to see if your guests can figure out which ones are real advice and which ones are false. Just so you know, most of these statements are based on real advice but we changed a few to make them false. Check out these shortened examples.

“1930s – The government suggested toilet training start immediately.”
“1910s – Parents were warned not to drink alcohol and bounce babies on their knees because of high injury rates.”

Printable 100 Years of Bad Baby Advice Trivia Game
Party Game Ideas 100 Years of Bad Baby Advice has 18 Baby Advice statements that are either True or False. We also added Baby Advice Cards for new moms and new parents so that guests can offer funny, heartfelt and good advice.  Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. .

Bad Baby Advice Game and Baby Advice Cards

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Our Bad Baby Advice is a unique baby shower game because most people don’t believe that this advice is true. You’ll have guests and the mom-to-be laughing, gasping, and saying “this can’t be true.”

Plus adding Baby Advice Cards is a nice tie in to the game without playing another game, just put out the slips of paper to allow guests to fill out during the shower. Some hosts prefer to do the advice cards after the game is played, but you can choose to set out an baby advice available throughout the entire shower or have guests complete the cards after the game or while the new mom/parents are opening their gifts.

Estimated Length of Baby Advice Game: 12 – 18 minutes

A short video about our Baby Advice Game

We’ve created a lot of games over the years and the Bad Baby Advice game is one of our favorites, because we can’t believe that these were in government brochures, magazines and books as real advice.

You’ll have a hoot and you are going to hear a few shower guests say, “these can’t be true, they just can’t be.” Well they will find out once you reveal the answers. Also – We included a tie-breaker just in case you need it.

When designing the 100 Years of Bad Baby Advice trivia game, we tested several colors but thought this Tiffany blue – seafoam color represented the idea of vintage and authority best. While some said it only works for baby boy showers, we believe it is perfect for all showers.

We hope you purchase and enjoy our 100 Years of Bad Baby Advice and share special memories with the new mom and/or parents. Thank you letting us share the moment with you.