Crazy Change the Baby’s Diaper Game
Supplies: Baby doll, wipes, diapers and teams of two

Every new mom and dad need to learn how to change a diaper. Now every guest of your baby shower will test their baby changing skills as they race to diaper a doll as quickly as they can. But they only get to use one hand!

Crazy Change the Baby’s Diaper Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need a baby doll, diapers and teams of two.

b. Set up a baby changing area on a table that includes baby doll, baby wipes and diapers.

c. Group guests into teams of two and let them know that they will have to stand side by side in front of the table. They must then place their inside hands behind their backs and use their outside hands to change the baby’s diaper.

Note: The baby should start with a diaper on. So the team needs to removes the old diaper, uses a baby wipe to clean the baby, (Option: Add extra step – add baby powder) and then place the new diaper on and announce that they are done.

d. Now that the prep work is done and the teams know what they need to do. The game host set the baby up, has the first team approach the table and when the host says Go! The host starts a stopwatch and the team starts changing the baby.

e. Once the team announces they have changed the diaper, the game host stops the stopwatch. Then lift up the baby and if the diaper holds the time counts and if the diaper falls off then they are out of the game. Record the time and call up the next team to Change the Baby’s Diaper. Once everyone has gone, the team with the fastest time wins.

Crazy Diaper Change is a hysterical game because no one expects that they are going to be changing a diaper with only one hand. A fun baby shower game where teamwork is the key to success.