DIY Baby Shower Outburst Game
Supplies: Baby categories, baby items, people that have lots to say

Can you name the ten items on the list within 30-60 seconds. This fast paced game with have guests yelling answers like mad before time is up. Baby Shower Outburst does take prep work but it is worth the investment.

Baby Shower Outburst Game Prep & Play
a. Come up with key topics or categories that involve babies, pregnancies, moms, new parents, and even where you live. You’ll want 15 – 20 topics / categories so may need to think beyond babies. Then come up with the top answers you can think of for that category.

Going into Labor
Baby Toys
Reasons Babies Cry
Things in a babies bed
Things in a diaper bag
Jobs the Parents have had

Now list 10 items for each category. Less if you can not think of that many but each card must have the same number of answers. So if one has only 6 answers then all most have six answers.

b. Separate the guests into teams.

c. Game Play:
1. Game Host pulls a category card.
2. Two ways to play”
a. One player from the first team is up first. The host reads the category and then the player has 30 seconds to list off as many on the items on the list as possible. Score correct answers – 1 point per correct answer.
b. Team Play – The host reads the category and starts the timer. Rather than have everyone yell out answers, have each member of the team provide an answer in order. So the first person, then second, third, etc… goes and then after the last person gives an answer the first person goes again.  After they are done, score how many answers they got correct.

d. Now a member the other team goes and once done you score their points.

e. Continue through the categories and add up the total teams points and see who the winner is