Play Dough-tionary Baby Shower Game
Supplies: Play Dough, ideas – baby items to create out of Play Dough

Take a kids favorite, Play Dough, mix in ideas from Cranium and Pictionary and finally add a list of new mom and baby items and what to end up with Play Dough-tionary! The craftiest game you can play at your baby shower.

Play Dough-tionary Game Prep & Play
a. Have plenty of Play Dough and come up with a list of baby items that guests can sculpt during the game. Examples include rattle, bottle, crib, stroller, teddy bear, etc… If you need more ideas just go through the baby registry.

b. Game Decision:
Play in teams of 3 – 6 for a large shower
Play one large group – where one person creates and the everyone can guess.

c. For Team Play
Come up make sure you have enough turns (baby items to sculpt) as there are people on the team. It is best when each player has a minimum of 2 turns. So if you have 5 people per team, have 10 turns.

Set up your teams and space the a little apart from each other so they don’t look at what other teams are doing. Now give each team some Play Dough and ask who the first sculptor will be on each team.

The sculptor from each team is given a folded card with the item that they must sculpt. Note: Every team is given the same item to sculpt.

Once the cards have been given out, give them about 10 or 15 seconds to think and then say Go. The first team to correctly identify the item wins a point. After completing two rounds, the team with the highest number of points wins. If two teams tie or are really close, then have a sculpt off.

d. Individual Play
For smaller showers you need to come up with a minimum of one baby item to be sculpted per person.

Then give each person a card with an item to sculpt. The first person to correctly guess the item receives a point. Going around the group and have everyone take a turn (option: add a second round). The person who has the most correct answers (points) wins a prize.

Play Dough Shower Game Variation
Want to make the game more challenging and stop people from just yelling out baby items randomly?

This is done by giving out guess cards! Yes, each per is given 1 card or 2 cards (take from a deck of cards). In order for them to guess the item they must drop their guess card on the table. This means that every guess counts and they will wait to see what is being sculpted.
Note: Once they use the guess card they have to keep quiet during that round.

If using guess cards, consider placing a time limit on each round. Just pull out a timer and set it for 2 – 3 minutes, this keeps the game moving.
Thanks, Diana