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Wedding Anniversary Party Games

Whether it is a small family gathering or a large celebration, you want to make the anniversary event special and fun. Wedding Anniversary games add fun and laughter into the event and can lead to the sharing of wonderful memories.

We pulled together a variety of Wedding Anniversary Party Games that can work if you have time to research the facts. We will be adding additional printable games in the future. So whether your family is celebrating your 10, 20th, 25th (Silver Anniversary) or 50th (Gold Anniversary) you'll be able to add your own personal fun to the event.

Days of our Lives
Supplies: Paper, pens, research

A lot of things occured of the last 25 or 50 years, so create a list of Marriage and personal milestones and ask guests to either a. Put the events in order or b. Name the year of the event. Event examples include: Bought First House, 1st Child was born, Dad started work at XYZ company, Parents went from one car to two car family, unique trips like Disney World, Skiing or Europe, etc... Pull together 12 - 15 events or more that are family related and if you run into trouble consider mixing in some generic items that date them like when an item like the Apple computer was released, a popular album or movie was numbers one, etc... When setting up this game mix in some current items as well as events from years past.
Happy Together - Know Your Photos
Supplies: Paper and Pen, photographs, research

This is fun for the family shutterbug or historian. Go through photographs of the happy couple together over the years and note the year of each photo was taken. (If possible do it without them knowing as it will be more fun.) If you can get every year of marriage that would be great, if not try to get 12 - 15 photos so it is challenging fo the guests. Then take the photos, scan if needed, crop and resize placing 6 - 10 pictures on a document in a mixed up order and number each photo 1, 2, 3, etc... We recommend printing out one master sheet at home and then consider going to a place with color copiers to make extra sets of sheets. This way you don't use all of your printer ink. Also consider placing the pages with a photo in a file folder so it opens like a book rather than stapling them pages together. If you present the photos this way, game play goes faster and you can pass the photos from person to person. Then on a second document create an answer sheet and list place at the top. Place Name at the top of the page and then include instructions. Please organize the photos in chronological order with the earliest photo of the couple starting at number 1. and the most recent photo of the Happy Couple listed next to the last number. To play hand out an answer sheet to each guest, then hand them the photo sheet and ask them to review all the photos and guess the chronological order of the photos. Each play will have 3 to 5 minutes to put the photos in order. Once time is up collect the sheets and score the results. If there are more guests then photo sheets to play with play by table at a time and then the next until everyone has played. Once you score all the sheets, hand them back to each guest. Then as part of the game reveal do a slideshow in the correct order and announce your winner.

These Wedding - Anniversary games below tend to be played during Bridal and Wedding Shower, but make for fun and interesting Anniversary party games as they look back on the years they have shared together.