Wedding Shower Newlywed Game
Supplies: Questions, couples, paper and pens, chairs and good spirits

This is a great couples wedding shower game that works when there are many couples attending the shower. It is tough to pull off with lots of single people.

At most couples wedding shower the guys tend to wander off to watch sports or talk in the garage and the women gather in the kitchen, play games and talk about the wedding. Well for this game you can use that to your advantage.

Wedding Shower Newlywed Game Prep & Play
Now before you get started you need to come up with a variety of questions to ask the men and also the women. To make it easy have 4 for the women and 4 for the men and then have one last Bonus question that you can ask of her.

Example Questions: (Mix easy and hard questions)
1. On your wedding night (first date) who made the first move?
2. Where or When was the last time you made whoopee?
3. Where is the strangest place that you made whoopee?
4. What is one word to describe your first impression of your inlaws?
5. If your wife ordered a burger “Her Way” what toppings would be on that burger?

Once you have the questions, ready determine who will play. Throw the names of all the couples attending into a hat or basket and pick three or four couples to play along with the bride and groom.

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Now let the couples know who is playing and separate them, guys head outside and the women are brought in to answer questions.

Ask the first question and have each contestant write down the answer one a piece of paper.
Note: It is important to number the pieces of paper: Alison Q1: Q2, Q3, Q4 etc… this way they don’t get messed up once the men come back in. Write the Q1, Q2 info on the Front and Back of the sheet of paper.

Continue with the next question and so on until all are answered.
Place the answers in order Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 in a folder and turn it so the answer face away (reason for labeling the back) this way the guys can’t look to see the next answer.

Now bring in the guys and sit them down and note that you have been asking their wives some questions and that you are going to see if you can answer this correctly.

A correct answer earns 5 points and incorrect answer earns 0, ready to play.

Now begin with the first couple and ask the first question, he will then answer. If right they get the points, if wrong well who knows – you may want to ask a follow up question to clarify. Continue this until all four questions have been answered by the guys and points tallied.

Announce the current score and send the ladies out and now ask the men their questions and record their answers like you did with the ladies. Then bring the women back in and go through the question and answer session as you did with the men.

Upon completion announce the current scores. And let them know the game is not over there is still the Bonus Round. Let them know the value of the bonus round question 15, 20 or 25 points.
And then send the men out ask the women one final question and record their answers.

Bring the men back in and ask the couple with the lowest point total the question first, then the next and so on. After that round the couple with the most points wins a prize.

If there is a tie between two couples give two prizes or come up with another question. Maybe: Out of the 365 days or 366 during leap year, what is the day (number) of the day of the wedding?