Who Is It? Bridal / Baby Shower Survey Game
Supplies: Survey questions, pen, paper and interesting facts

This game can be played at Baby Showers & Bridal Showers. Just replace bridal with baby and play the same way and you are all set.

Every one has traveled and experienced unique events in their lives, sometimes friends and family know about those moments and sometimes they do not. This bridal shower game is a get to know you game where guests learn fun facts and then must guess who the facts pertain too. See if you can discover who is behind these facts. There is also a story variation of this game at the bottom of the page.

Who Is It Game Prep & Play
As guests arrive at the bridal shower have them complete a short survey about themselves, place the completed question sheet in a basket, and ask them not to discuss the answers with any of the guests at the bridal shower.

Questions can include:
Hometown and State are:
How many children or siblings or cousins do you have?
The most unique nickname I ever had was?
My secret hobby is?

The most adventurous place I have ever traveled to is?
The most romantic evening of my life was spent in?
Depending on the crowd these could get a little naughty. We recommend 8-12 questions, that way when the bride reads the answers she is not always using the same questions.

When it is time to play the game, the bride select a question sheet and reads a few of the answers to these questions off the sheet, focusing on the most unique or unknown details first.

This person has traveled to Fuji, enjoys gardening and has 14 cousins?

Guests can then either shout out a name or raise their hand (first hand up gets called on first) to answer. Each person gets one guess, so if no one knows who it is then the bride can share one more clue at a time until someone guesses the person.
Use as an ice-breaker or play as a game with prizes.

You can use this as a game with prizes this way.
1. Give a limited amount of clues about each person 3 or 4 clues.
2. Create a game sheet so guests can write down their answers, with numbers and a fill in the blank space beside the number. At the bottom of the page include every guests name on it so that they know who the guests are or can randomly guess.
3. One idea before playing the game, is to go around the room and have each person say their name so that guest have an idea visually who is who.
4. The bride then reads the cards and should mark the cards as you read them so you know which one is which number.
5. Once all the cards are read you can score the answers. Any person who guesses the correct person you are talking about gets 1 point.
6. Option – Bonus points. If the clues are read and no one guesses the correct person, that person stands up to announce “It is me” and earns 2 points.
4. The person with the most points after the game wins a prize.

If you use the game just for introduction and interesting facts then decide whether a prize is needed. If you get a prize randomly draw from all those submitted.

Who is it? Variation
Instead of getting facts about the guest. Ask them to write down a story / memory of a moment they shared with the bride-to-be. Then read the story and see if the other guests can figure out who share that moment with her!

The great story sharing idea and you can score who gets it right or just enjoy the stories.