Nursery Rhyme Games for Baby Showers
Supplies: Nursery rhyme book for reference to get questions, pen and paper, other supplies may be needed based upon each games need.

Nursery Rhymes are a classic baby shower theme that can often present some party planning challenges as you try to plan unique games for the shower. Well we can up with several diy nursery rhyme themed baby shower games and some printable games that you can play during the baby shower, that are fun and simple to prepare.

1. Nursery Rhyme Games for Baby Showers

This baby shower game can be played as a single player pen & paper hand out game or as a team game.

a. Single Player Pen & Paper Game
On a word document, create two columns and copy 10 – 15 Nursery Rhmyes onto the sheet of paper. Once you have listed all the ryhmes, save and print out a copy of the correct answers. Now do a “Save as” rename and go through and remove a line from each Nursery Rhyme and replace it with a blank line. It can be a full line or part of the line.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.
She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do;
She gave them some broth without any bread; – – – Replace with: She gave them some ________________________;
Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed.

During the shower hand out the sheet of paper with the Nursery Rhymes and give guests 5 – 7 minutes to have guests fill in the blanks. Once complete trade papers with over guests and go over each rhmye and score 1 point for each correct answer. The person with the most points wins.

b. Team Play
Pull together a list of Nursery Rhmyes for your game. Make sure you have a mix of easy and difficult nursery rhymes. We like this game because it is fun and more interactive than a pen and paper game.

Divide your group into teams and then the first person from Team 1 is given the first 2 or 3 lines a of a Children’s Nursery Rhyme.
Then the player is given 20 or 30 seconds to correctly complete the next line of the nursery rhyme.

If they get the next line correct, the team gets 1 point,
If they get it wrong they get no pointsand then the player from Team 2 has an option
a.) They can try to complete the next line of the Nursery Rhyme that team 1 missed or
b.) Ask for a New Nursery Rhyme.

If the Player from Team 2 gets it right they get 1 Point, if they get it wrong they get no points and Team 1 goes again.
– Note: A Nursery Rhyme can only be active for two turns and then you move on to the next Nursery Rhyme.

Your game should last long enough so that each guest has a turn in the game. Have 12 – 20 nursery rhymes just in case you need them for a tie-breaker. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

No time to create your own Nursery Rhyme Game?
Check out our 18 Question Nursery Rhyme Quiz that you can print at home.

2. Nursery Rhyme Charades / Nursery Rhmye Pictionary
This is an easy one to pull together but can be a challenge to play as many nursery rhyme have unique titles.

Gather together a list of Nursery Rhymes (view list at Wikipedia) and place one rhyme per slip of paper and place in a bowl.

Divide up the shower guests into groups and then have one player from the Team 1 pull out a slip of paper and either act out the nursery rhyme or draw it, depending on whether you are playing Charades or Pictionary. (Each team gets 30 seconds)

The players Team most then correctly guess the Nursery Rhyme within the time frame to earn a point.
1 point for every correct play and the team with the most points wins. We recommend 20 to 30 different rhymes.

3. Is It a Nursery Rhyme?
This pen and paper baby shower game takes a creative flare, but can also be fun entertainment. You can also weave an after game activity into the mix by have guests create Nursery Rhymes for the rhymes that don’t exist already.

For this game research Nursery Rhymes Wikipedia) and select 10 real rhymes, note some should be easy like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Jack & Jill but others should be lesser known like Monday’s Child and Wind the Bobbin Up.

Then you need to get creative and change existing nursery rhymes from real ‘Lavender’s Blue’ to maybe ‘Lavender’s Bell,’ hence adjust just one word in the title so it seems familiar so guests think it is a real nursery rhyme.

The other options is to make up your own Nursery Rhyme titles and to do that we suggest you get creative and use out of date terms. We came up with ‘Coal in the Cupboard,’ ‘Tuesday Bluesday’ and ‘Chimney Bird, Sweep Away.’ Feel free to use these and have fun coming up with your own fake nursery rhymes.

To Play list all the real and fake Nursery Rhymes randomly on a page, have about 20, and list Real or Fake after each title. Then hand out the sheet to each guests and let the guests select their answer. Give guests 3 – 5 minutes to determine what is real or fake and then switch paper and score the results. The player with the most correct wins.

FYI – Here is a tiebreaker you can use. What year was Humpty Dumpty written? Answer: 1803. Closest to actual date wins.