Diaper Cake Game
Supplies: Diapers, rubber bands, ribbon, level inserts and a fun baby topper

Have a group of friends with a lot of energy and a can do attitude? Then the Diaper Cake game may just be the perfect baby shower game for your event. This game takes a lot of diapers, so it is recommended the you have a diaper raffle at your shower if you are going to play this game.

Diaper Cake Game Prep & Play
a. Guests are divided into teams of 2 – 4 people and asked to work together to create a diaper cake three layers high. A great way to start a shower and fun at couples showers too.

b. All guests are asked to bring diapers to the shower for the new mom, little do they know that the diapers will be used to make Diaper Cakes!

c. If you don’t know what a Diaper Cake looks like, think of a wedding cakes but the layers are made out of diapers and stacked. The bottom layer is the largest and the top layer is the smallest.

d. We estimate that each team will need at least 55 – 70 diapers.
This includes roughly 7 for the top layer, 15-19 for the middle layer and 30 – 40 for the bottom layer. You may want to divide teams up by the number of diapers you have, so if everyone brings 20 packs you may want 4 on a team.

e. As guests arrive have them place the diapers in a side room and consider placing their name on it, so they can use the diapers they brought and you can gauge how to set up the teams.

f. Once everyone has arrived, gather them around and say thank you for bringing the diapers, they are going to be a vital part of our first game, Build the Diaper Cake.

Now before you get started you may need to give them a quick lesson on diaper cake elements and basic steps.
Roll the diaper, wrap rubber band around, repeat
Group layers together and stack on top of each other
Once complete add ribbon and done

Decision 1:
a. You have the option to provide the instructions for the diaper cake and have them build it
Like layer one “x” amount of diapers, layer two “x” amount and so on…

b. You can just give them all the same amount of diapers and give them a picture and say
Make you diaper cake look like this – with no further instructions (harder & more fun to watch – I recommend it.).

c. Give the teams 30 diapers and ask them to build the tallest diaper cake they can in 5 minutes.

Decision 2:
a. The Game is played with a time limit – 5, 8 or 10 minutes.
In this case the Mom-to-be will judge the each cake and select the winning team.

b. The game ends once the first team completes the Diaper Cake and it looks like the picture. Then this team is the winner.

Have fun and get creative with our Diaper Cake Game.