Baby Blocks Relay Game
Supplies: Baby Blocks, space, coordination

Relay races are a bit unexpected at Baby Showers, however if you have a lot of mixed company this is a unique yet competitive games that everyone can enjoy. Plus at the end of the game, you can give the baby blocks to the mom-to-be as a gift.

Baby Blocks Relay Game Prep & Play 
This is your traditional relay race where you need to get from Point A to Point B and then your teammate takes over to repeat the process.

a. First divide up the group into teams, we recommend 4-5 people per team. You can always have 1 more or on less.

b. Second give each person a baby’s block. The wooden ones work best for this game. Note once the shower is over the blocks can be given to the Mother to be as a gift.

c. Now set Line A – Starting side (on one side of the room) and Line B (other side of the room) and divide a team of 5 by placing 3 players on Line A and 2 players on Line B.

d. Then place a baby’s block in front of the first player on Line A and inform them that when you say Ready, Set, Go. The first player must pick up the block on the ground and then add their block and carry the stack of blocks to their team member at Line B.

e. Once they arrive at Line B they give their blocks to that player and they add their block to the stack and carry it back to Line A. This continues until the first player gets the stack of blocks back and must successfully walk from Line B back to Line A without spilling her stack of blocks.

Note: If any player spills their stack of blocks between the starting and ending points, they must then return to their starting point and and start again.

f. First team to complete the Baby Block Relay wins.