Baby Bottle Drink Off Game
Supplies: Baby bottles, beverages, thirsty guests

The Baby Bottle drink off game is popular at mixed showers, especially when beer is used as the beverage. The best part about this game is how everyone thinks drinking from a baby’s bottle is easy, until they are chosen to play this game.

Baby Bottle Drink Off Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need 6 – 8 baby bottle and fruit juice, beer or another beverage.

b. Fill small baby bottles with fruit juice for each guest. NOTE: Provide a variety of juices or water so everyone has something they like. (You can add food coloring for baby shower colors for extra pizzazz).

c. Then each guest is given a bottle and the person who finishes the bottle first receives a prize. It is hilarious and much harder than you would think.

Baby Bottle Drink Off  – Relay Variation
Separate the guests into teams and have a Baby Bottle relay.
When the Host says go the first person must finish their baby bottle as fast as they can.
Once finished, the next person starts drinking their baby bottle and once they finish the next person goes.
This continues until one team has finished all of their baby bottles. They are the Winners.

For Couples Baby Showers
Guys tend to avoid these events, however if everyone is over 21, the guys will step up to the challenge if you put beer in the bottle. Amazing what a little competition does to get them involved.

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