Baby Food Feeding Race Game
Supplies: Baby food, plastic spoons, bibs and towels

One of the joys of having a baby come when the baby starts to eat real food. The faces, the mess and the fun choo-choo sounds effects help make meal time fun. Now your friends and family can join in the feeding frenzy with our Baby Food Feeding Race.

Baby Food Feeding Race Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need a jar of baby food for each team, plenty of bibs and maybe some towels.

b. Have guests partner up. One person from each team gets to put on a bib. The other team member stands behind the teammate with the bib and is given a spoon and an jar of baby food.

c. The teammate with the baby food must feed the person with the bib while standing behind them.

d. To make things more interesting have a variety of baby food yummy kinds like Apple Sauce and scary kinds like Split Peas (sorry split pea fans) and have each team choose a mystery jar. Make sure to remove the label, so it is a real mystery.

e. Have 2-4 Teams compete at a time. The first team to finish their baby food and not just spill it all over the place wins a prize. If you have a large shower, it is best to have two heats as it is a fun and entertaining game to watch and then the winners of each heat can play again in the finals. Play a final round to determine the winner.

Item to Note
Watch out for Baby Food Spillers! Competitive ladies like to win and one thing you should mention is that the game is called Baby Food Feeding race not Baby Food Spilling Race, so if any contestants just spill the baby food as a way to empty their jar they will be eliminated from the game. This should keep players honest.

Variation – Baby Food Feeding Relay Race
In this version instead of having two person teams, you might have three teams with 4 or 5 people on them.

a. You set a Start line, that is wear the Teams stand and you set a feeding line (about ten feet away) where you can have a chair / stool where the baby (teammate) will sit to be fed. You’ll want to have extra bibs and towels by the stool.

b. You Start the game with the First Player from the team going down to the stool placing a bib on a towel on her lap. The Second Team Member is given a spoon and an open jar of baby food. When the hostess says go the Second Team Member heads to the baby, stands behind them and starts feeding them the baby food.

c. When the Baby Food jar is empty. The First Team Member (baby who was being fed) stands up and can now remove their bib. They turn to the Second Team Member and grab the baby food jar and spoon and head to the starting line.

d. Once the jar and spoon have been take from the Second Team Member, they must now grab a bib, tie it on, sit in the chair and place a towel over their legs so they don’t get baby food on them.

e. When the First Team Member gets back to the start line, the Third Team Member can now leave with her spoon and food and start to feed the Second Team Member when they have their bib on and are seated.

f. This process continues until everyone, including the First Player, has feed the baby. The first team to have all their Team members do it first wins!