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Party Game Ideas offers creative diy and printable party games for birthday parties, Easter games, baby showers, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, family reunions, and other holidays. We have been showcasing and making great party games for 20 years and we continue to strive to come up with new and memory making games for life's special occasions. 

Christmas Party Games

Free Easter Word Search

Free Printable Easter Word Search – Find the 22 words in this Easter inspired word find. A fun activity for kids and adults during Easter week – plus we offer a relay game option.

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Party Game Ideas continues to add new party games that are submitted like users like you and create new printable games that you can purchase, print and play in minutes. Here is a sampling of the game categories that our site offers, be sure to bookmark and share our site on social media. Here are key Party Game Idea pages for special occasions, party supplies, and contacting us. We look forward to helping you celebrate your next big event and making cherished memories.

Baby Shower Games

Christmas Party Games

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange

Roll the Dice Gift Exchange is great for groups of 8 - 15 people and your roll will determine what happens next. Pass, Keep, Steal or Unwrap your gift! Works for all ages

The season's are changing and with it comes a new season of holidays and events to celebrate. Party Game Ideas has you covered with a variety of seasonal games that start with our Football Pick 'Em Game, that challenge guests to pick key moments during the game in over to win. This football party game will add some excitement to your tailgates and football watching parties.

As the weather turns cooler the holiday parties and social gatherings will heat up and we have diy party game ideas and printable games that are perfect for pre-k, classrooms, office, and social gatherings among friends. Be sure to check out our Halloween party games that include trivia games, fun relays, spooky food passing stories and more.

We also have a great mix of Thanksgiving games that are perfect for families and friends. Plus we will be showcasing our largest assortment of Christmas party games ever, with new printable Christmas party games for gift exchanges, office parties, large and small group gatherings and families.

Plus if you are in need for a great party game for a birthday party, a fun baby shower game, or a blush worthy or naughty bachelorette party games, know that we have you covered and you can download, print and start playing most of our games within 15-20 minutes.

Some of our Popular Printable Party Games 


What's great about Party Game Ideas is that we are a creative catalyst for party games. Whether you are looking for do it yourself (diy) birthday games and looking for new ideas or need a printable party game that is ready to play within minutes, Party Game ideas has you covered.

If fact, I have learned from several party planners that our site is their favorite because we help come up with lots of game variations and their is always something new. One party/event  planner even shared with me that she thought Party Game Ideas was her best kept secret for planning activities and games for special occasions.

We have been sharing party games for over twenty years and provide free diy games, printable party games, reviews on games and lots of tips, tricks and ideas for making your birthday, baby shower, Halloween, Christmas holiday party or any celebration a success. We've got a lot of games so just find just the right holiday, birthday age group or special occasion and you'll be on your way to having a great party. If you are looking for a specific party game, just search our site to quickly find just the right party games or article for your event.

A lot of people have been asking "Why we still make printable games?" and "Why don't you have an app for our games?" We create printable games because the groups tend to connect better and stay more focused on the games when they are in front of them. You get different reactions from people when they physically touch an item and act things out. Overall the experience is more personal and more memorable, plus if people are all on their phones they can be easily distracted and sometimes search for the answers online. Our goal is to help you celebrate your special event and help create laughter and lasting memories.

We now offer Party Favors & Wedding Favors! Check out the Fall and holiday party favors, wedding favors and baby shower favors too! Some favors can be personalized for your event or party. For Christmas favors please shop early to ensure that products are available.

We personally hope you enjoy Party Game Ideas and want to thank those that send emails, party game suggestions and say thank you. Feel free to send us an email. Here at Party Game Ideas we are constantly adding new printable games, party ideas, and commenting on party trends, be sure to sign up for our Party Game Ideas newsletter for updates and special seasonal offers.

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