Christmas Song Lyrics Printable Game

2 Christmas Music Lyric Games – Each with 15 Song Challenges

Christmas Song Lyrics – Know It? Game is a 2 Game Pack where guests must fill in the missing word to the Christmas Song.

The concept is easy and almost everyone knows these Christmas songs, but when asked to complete the holiday song lyric it is surprising how difficult some of these songs can be. We included songs that both young and old might know, some are easy and others a little harder, overall we rate these games entertaining and moderately challenging. However we think we’ve included just enough variety in each game that you won’t have a Christmas Song Lyrics – Know It All!

Printable Christmas Song Lyrics – Know It?
Our Christmas Song Lyrics – Know It? can be played anyone who knows Christmas Songs. Game includes 2 Song Lyric games. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you, download, print and play. Adobe needed to print file.

Printable Christmas Song Lyrics - Christmas Carol GameChristmas Song Lyrics
is a printable download game

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Each Christmas Song Lyrics game comes with 15 songs with one word missing. Guest have to fill in the blank and score a point for each correct answer. In case of a tie, we included tie breakers. Christmas Song Lyrics – 1 has more cartoon and family holiday songs and Christmas Song Lyrics 2 skews more towards an older crowd, but both provide fun entertainment.

Christmas Songs Lyrics – Know It? works for family gatherings, dinner parties, holiday events and office Christmas parties. Individual play works well up to 20 people, but once you get beyond that we suggest having 6 – 10 groups playing our Christmas Song Lyrics game. We would try to cap the team sizes at 3 – 4 people as that keeps it interesting. And sadly with large groups, you’ll have to remind them that they can not use their phones or tablets to look up answers.

For those that enjoy and sing Christmas music this game is lots if fun, unless they really know Christmas music and then well; victory may be theirs!

We hope you enjoy our Christmas Song Lyrics – Know It? game and happy Holidays.