Christmas 20 Questions
Supplies: Christmas terms, creativity, pen and paper

A Holiday twist to 20 questions, this game pits teams against each other trying to determine what Christmas / Holiday term they represent. You can come up with your own list of Holiday or Christmas terms or consider our printable Christmas charades – Pictionary style game.

Ideas for Christmas 20 Question terms
Cartoons characters like The Grinch, Movies Titles (Elf, The Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, etc…) Holiday items like Christmas Tree, Christmas nativity, Christmas Wreath, Eggnog, etc.

You might want to add a level of difficulty to generic terms like ornament to Star Trek Ornament, Disney Ornament as this makes the game more complex. Christmas song titles  are another resource for Christmas 20 Questions, just don’t use to many as people will start every question with is it a song!

Christmas 20 Questions – Game Prep
1. Come up with 2 or more holiday words or phrases per player.
2. Once you have your list make game cards by either printing them out or writing them on card stock. If the paper is thin and you can see the word through it, tape the words to playing cards.
3. We recommend you have additional terms just in case extra guests come to your party.

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Christmas 20 Questions Rules
1. Divide the group into two Teams
2. Teams will take alternating turns
3. 1st Person from Team A is given a Christmas card with a Holiday term
4. The remaining Players from Team A can then Ask 1 Question per round, which the person holding the Christmas card can answer Yes or No. (One idea is to have a different team member ask the question each time.)
5. Team A has one team guess per turn (The team should be given 10 or 15 seconds to guess the answer. A simple timer is best to keep the game going.)
6. A Member from Team B will track how guesses (turns) it takes to correctly guess the Christmas term.
7. Once the Holiday Item is guessed, the team’s score is how many guesses it took to get the correct answers. So if they guess the correct term on the 8th turn then they earn 8 points
8. Once Team A is done with their turn, Team B goes through the same process. Then go back and forth between teams as you play and score each round.
9 Once every member as the team has gone or you have played a fixed numbers of Holiday Terms, say 12 per team. – Once the game is over the Team with the overall lowest score Wins.

Penalty Option: If teams guess more than one answer during a turn – Add a 3 point penalty to their score.

Thanks Jenna, TN