Holiday Trivia Gift Exchange
Supplies: Questions, correct answers and participants in the gift exchange

In this twist on the common gift exchange having Trivial Christmas knowledge can pay off in helping stealing the prize guests want the most.

First you will need a variety of Christmas Trivia questions and correct answers. Party Game Ideas has a variety of trivia games that you can purchase if needed. This can range from When was the 1st Macy’s Day Parade?, What year was Bing Crosby’s White Christmas released?, Who controls the Sun in Year Without a Santa Claus? etc…

Trivia Gift ExchangeNow gather your group together and place the gifts together so everyone knows where to go to select a present. Now instead of drawing numbers, you ask questions and the person who get the answer correct can then select a gift from the piles or steal one from someone else.

You’ll need to determine how to have people will answer the trivia questions. Ring a bell, raise their hand first or shout it out. Hand seems to be the safest way to go.

Also once a person answers a question correctly and has a gift they can not answer another question until everyone has a gift.

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Start with tough questions and once you get down to the last 3 people without gifts make sure you use True / False or multiple choice questions or the game could last a long time.

When you get down to the final 4 questions announce that there are only 4 questions left and once everyone has a prize there will only be one more question.

This question should be difficult and it can even be a number question – Like what year did something happen or you can bring out a jar of candies and ask how many are in it. Closest answer wins.

The person to get the last correct answer can then trade their prize with anyone. Once that prize is traded then the gift exchange is over.

Trivia Gift Exchange Variation – Two Rounds
In this version – Round 1 Ends when everyone has selected and opened their gift.

1. Now Rounds Two of Trivia begins – These should be harder questions.
2. The Host asks a question and the first person to answer it correctly gets to a. Claim their Gift as Safe or b. Trade Gifts with any player left in the game.
Note: Wrong Guesses – If someone guesses the wrong answer, then they cannot try to answer the next question. This makes sure that people won’t jump try to get lucky and jump out and answer it without knowing the answer.
3. Continue to ask Trivia Questions until their are two people left, then the one person will either steal or keep their gift and the gift exchange ends.

No Trivia game seems complete without a final question right? 

Last throw out a real hard question – like Jeopardy’s last question and if someone (first person) can get the correct answer they can steal any gift they want to end the game.