100 Years of Fun and Games – Toy Trivia Challenge
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This Toy & Game Trivia game tests the knowledge of Toys and Games over the last 100 years and what decade those popular toys were first sold. While some may know Monopoly and Twister were released, it becomes more of a challenge to properly determine when Lionel Trains, Ticket to Ride and the Magic 8 Ball were first sold.

Party Game Ideas 100 Years Toy Trivia Challenge game is set up so you can play it as one game or break it up into sections as we have done and have a diferent winner for each section like Old School, The Classics and Modern Fun. Basically this set up allow young and old to play and still have a chance to have fun.

Printable 100 Years of Fun and Games – Toy Trivia Game
Our 100 Years of Fun & Games – Toy Trivia Game is good for a variety of parties.
This printable game is often purchased for Christmas Party, Holiday Party, Family Reunions, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and Over the Hill Birthday Parties. This Toy Trivia Game includes 100 Years of Fun & Games Game Card, Answer Key, How to Play and Tie-Breakers. Just purchase, the PDF file will be emailed to you and print. No shipping or waiting.

Printable Toy Trivia Game for Christmas, Birthday Parties100 Years of Fun and Games – Toy Trivia Game
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100 Years of Fun & Games includes over 45 different toys and games released from the 1900’s through 2009. Guest simply have to decide what decade the toys were first sold. You’ll be surprised how challenging it is when you get down to those last few toys that you are just not sure about.

This Toy Decade Challenge Trivia game will challenge teens, young adults, parents and even grandparents as they play. This is a great game to discuss popular toys from decades ago, see which games they have played and even set up a fun list of games to play on game night. Since this is a matching game where you only need to place the toys and games into the correct decade where they were released, the game is considered challenging but not difficult to play.

This game is perfect for Christmas and holiday parties, office events and birthday events for 30th, 40, 50th or any over the hill birthday party. This game is a fun ice-breaker, after dinner or perfect when you just want a social trivia party game.