Christmas Elimination Trivia Game

Large and Small Group Christmas Trivia Game – 4 Games / Rounds

Christmas Elimination Trivia Game is for those who want to play games and those who don’t.
1. Each Game has just 10 Questions – Except the Final Round the has 12.
2. You are given the Answers!
3. You just have to choose the Correct One.
4. Do it and you Stay in the Game – Choose Poorly and you are Eliminated!

Christmas Elimination is made for an MC/Host to read the questions and the guests / players answer by show A or B cards. No writing unless you get to the tie breaker round. Christmas Elimination Trivia Game is face paced and questions range from toys to movies to unique Christmas facts.

Printable Christmas Elimination Trivia Game
Christmas Elimination Trivia Game is geared toward adults but kids and teens can play too. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you, download, print and play. Adobe needed to print file.

Christmas Elimination Trivia Game - Printable Party GameChristmas Elimination Trivia Game
is a printable download

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Christmas Elimination was made for Office parties up to 120 people or maybe more, small gatherings and anyone who wants to play a Christmas trivia game and share fun facts and knowledge.

Christmas Elimination Trivia Game is the perfect Office party holiday game as it is quick and each player is given the answer. It is also fun for families, friends who love a trivia challenge and works as an interesting activity – the best part is it is easy fun and everyone can play!

Don’t have a large group, well Christmas Elimination can be used as 4 separate Trivia games where each round can have a different winner. In total you get over 40 different Holiday and Christmas Trivia and questions that range from simple to difficult, but the fun thing is that even if you don’t know the answer you have a 50/50 shot to get it right!

Small groups can score each round of trivia questions and the highest scores wins. Christmas Elimination is perfect for Christmas parties and holiday events, enjoy and have fun.

We hope you enjoy our Christmas Elimination Trivia Game game and Happy Holidays.

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