How Many Gifts are in the Gift Box
Supplies: One Large Box and many smaller boxes, holiday nestling boxes are best, wrapping paper

The concept for this game is simple. Guess how many gifts are in the big gift.

Sounds pretty easy – You show a big gift and allow people to guess how many gifts are inside. You can decide whether to allow guests to shake the big box or not.

Most people will guess 10 or 20 at most, but the key to making this a fun and entertaining game is use small jewelry, watch and nestling boxes (boxes that fit in other boxes) to your advantage so you can fit 30, 50, 100 or more boxes inside.

Note: Remember nestled boxes allow you to place 3, 4 or 5 boxes in the same space.
Also if you place holiday party favors in the box. Each boxed favor counts as 1 box. Favors are small so you can fit a lot in a small space.

Note: You don’t want the reveal of how many gifts are in the box to take to long like 30 seconds to a minute tops. So if you are setting it up and have 40 gift favors – ornaments. Lift them out as one box and have the number visible 40. This way it is not 1, 2, 3, and counting to 100 gifts.



To make this game more entertaining, we recommend you hold your gift raffle during this game.

In fact you you can have various Gift Raffle prizes as presents inside the big present.
After you start counting the boxes you can say, I think there is something in this box?
Then ask the crowd if we should give it away, which leads into get out your raffle tickets.
– Space out the raffle ticket gifts through out this game. Divide gifts by prizes to determine how often to hold a raffle.
Once you do a raffle go back and restate how many gifts have been pulled fromthe Giant Gift.
Then ask how many people think their are more gifts in the box and continue.

Give a prize to the person who comes closest to the actual amount. If it is a large group offer prizes to the top 3.
If you include party favors or small gifts like ornaments the numbers inside the box go up fast, so be creative and have fun.

Tip: With this game you either want to go with a gift number that is high like 100+ or really low like under 10. Use small gifts and party favors to inflatable the gift numbers.

By Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady