Christmas Stocking Guessing Game
Supplies: Oversized stocking, holiday objects, pen and paper

Can your guests figure out what Holiday objects are in the stocking? Well pass around one large or several Christmas stockings filled with Holiday items and see how many they can identify.

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game for KidsChristmas Stocking Guessing Game Prep
1. You take a new large Christmas stocking or several roomy stockings.
2. Place Christmas holiday or winter objects in to one stocking or separate the items into several Christmas stockings.
Make sure non of the object are breakable or have sharp edges. You’ll want 15 – 25 items in total.

Consider things like holly, scotch tape roll, plastic ornament, pine cone, plastic animals like reindeer, penguins and such, mini elf, sliegh, holiday pez dispenser, baby Jesus from the nativity, sheep, bow, ribbon, and even a Santa Clause head would work. note the items need to be identifiable via touch. For additional ideas consider the Target, Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores.

3. Before the game tie a ribbon or rope around the opening to make sure nobody peeks.
4. Have pen and paper for guests to write down items in the stocking.

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How to Play Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

1. Give everyone a piece of paper and pen.

2. Explain that each person will have 40 seconds or 1 minute to feel around the stocking and write down everything that they think is inside it. If you have more than one stocking reduce the time and have more than one player go at once. So maybe 20 or 30 seconds per stocking and then they switch Christmas stockings.

3. Once everyone has taken their turn, score the results, then gather everyone around and pullout the objects one by one.
Then ask who thought they got the most by raising their hand.
Then announce the person who did and they are the winner.

Thanks, Patsy

Christmas Stocking Guess Variation
instead of one large stocking. Have 8 – 12 Christmas stockings (or large socks) with 1 item in each.
– Tie the end (or use double stick tape to close the stocking)
– Then number each Christmas stocking with a tag
– Give each guest a piece of paper with a corresponding list of numbers with a line after each number.
– Then give the kids a set amount of time with each stocking (15 seconds) to try and identify the item. As the kids check each stocking – Have the kids write down their answer and move to next stocking or pass the stocking to the next player.
– Once everyone has taken a turn with each stocking, score the sheets and annoucnce the winners.

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