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Grown Up Party Games

On the Grown Up Party Game section you will find party games that may be as silly as kids game but for adults; in the end aren't we all just big kids anyway! If you don't find the exact game you are looking for see if there is one you can modify or check out party games in other sections of the site. You won't find drinking games here, but there are some in our Bachelorette games section.

For Halloween, Christmas and other seasonal events check out the individual holiday sections in addition to this page.

Salad Bowl Game

Salad Bowl Game – Perfect Game Night game with friends. This game has three rounds the multi-clue round, pictionary or charades round and one word round. DIY, easy and works with for parties of 10, 15 or even 20 people.

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Murder Mystery Party Games
Supplies: Murder mystery, guests participation

Have a creative group and want to try something new. A murder mystery puts everyone in the game. With a little planning, preparation and good friends, you can host a dinner party to die for. We have found a site online that offers around 200 different murder mysteries and they offer small/large group, teen games, women only and more.
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For the Record Music Games
Supplies: Music aficionados of the noted decades, game purchase

How well do you know music trivia well find out in this music trivia challenges. Versions include 80's & 90's and 50's - 70's. Each game has hundred of questions originating from 6 categories. Play as individuals or teams.
For the Record Games
For the Record: 80's & 90's Edition
For the Record: 50's, 60's & 70's Edition
Here is a mix of different board and card games that might be perfect for grown ups.
The Big Freeze Game
Supplies: Slips of paper, pen, guest awareness

You can play this game with 6, 12, 24 or 40 people, but everyone needs to know the rules. One person is selected or randomly picked (draw from a hat) to be the "Big Freeze" that person at some point during the night will Freeze in place and then everyone who sees that the "Big Freeze" is on must also Freeze in place the last person to freeze loses. They then become the "Big Freeze" for the next round or can finish their drink.

Questions & Answers Dinner Party Game
Supplies: Paper, pen and bowls

This silly game is a great before and after dinner game, but can also be used as an ice breaker. Before dinner place everyones name in a bowl, give everybody a pen and two slips of paper big enough that they can write a sentence on it. Now pass the bowl and have each person pick a name out of the bowl and write a (fun or silly) question about that person. Once done, pass a bowl around and have everyone fold their questions and place it in the bowl. Then have each person write a creative answer to a question they think was asked about them. Then fold the answers, pass a second bowl around to collect the answers. Then after dinner (it can be when serving desert) get the question and answer bowls and place at opposite ends of the table. Have the first person pull out a Question and read it and then have the person with the other bowl pull out an Answer and read it. In most cases the combination will prove to be very strange and humourous. once done pass the bowl to the person on their left, repeat, laugh and repeat again.

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