93 Thanksgiving Drink If Game Cards

Thanksgiving Drink If the entertaining and social adult game to end Thanksgiving.

A fun way to socialize with friends after enough family time or just laugh and relax with family with our 93 Drink If cards. This game is the perfect Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving game for adults, as you choose your favorite beverage whether beer, wine, hard seltzer or even water and play along.

Our Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving Drink If game includes a fun mix of food, activities, decorations, traditions and more. Drink If statements range from breaking the wishbone to you said Gobble, Gobble today to have you ever worn a turkey costume. Without knowing your family or friends we came up with 93 Thanksgiving Drink If cards, but we also give you 12 blank cards so you can add some personalized statement that related to family traditions or group traits.

Printable Thanksgiving Drink If Game
Party Game Ideas Thanksgiving Drink If game includes 93 game cards and 12 blanks cards so you can add so of your own. Just purchase and the file link will be emailed to you.

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Our Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving Drink If game is the perfect game to play with friends and family. This game is a great way to learn who has already listened to Christmas music, who fed the dog from the table, ran a Turkey Trot, or fell asleep after dinner while sharing and adult beverage. This game is meant to be for social occasions, but not for excessive drinking. Please make sure that if you do drink on Thanksgiving be sure to get an Uber, Taxi or just don’t drive.

Estimated Length of Thanksgiving Drink If: 15 – 30 minutes

Thanksgiving can seem like a long day with hours of cooking and prep work, so we created an easy party game that adults will enjoy playing at the end of the day. Just print out the printable Thanksgiving Drink If game cards, cut out, fold and place in a bowl. Then just pull a card out read it and if it applies to you take a sip of your drink. It is that easy.

The cards can apply to a single person (You carved the turkey today) to an all drink (That temperature outside is below 40) to a mix of people in the group (You went to the store to get food for the meal today). While some of the cards are simple and don’t involve sharing a story, others like “Drink If, You’ve ever worn a Turkey costume,” demand an explanation.   

One of the fun benefits of playing Drink If, is the storytelling. The sharing of stories turns the focus from drinking to talking, laughing and between friends and family. And that is what the holidays are all about, sharing time with the ones you love.

Thanksgiving Drink If is a easy going game that can be played by 3 or 15 people, plus guests can join or leave as they please. 

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving / Friendsgiving and add our Thanksgiving Drink If party game to your event. Please remember this game is geared toward adults of drinking age and not for kids. Thanks for shopping Party Game Ideas and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.