Limbo – How to Play Limbo
Supplies: Limbo stick (bamboo or broom stick) and music

The classic game of limbo is a simple challenge to have players go under a pole, limbo stick, without bending / crouching down. You’ll find the basic rules of limbo and a variation or two for your limbo game.

Limbo Rules, Prep & Game Play
a. You’ll need a limbo stick. This can be a piece of bamboo, a broom stick or only straight lightweight stick that won’t hurt anyone if it falls on them if they fail at limbo. The limbo stick should be 4 – 6 feet long.

If you are doing a theme decorate the end of the limbo stick to match your theme. If doing at night consider decorating with glow in the dark paint and then place in sunlight or light below your event.

b. Limbo is traditionally play with music so get a limbo song and be able to play during the game.

c. To Play: Take a limbo stick and one person holds on to one end and another person holds the other, the limbo stick should be level and held at the same height. When starting the game the limbo stick should be held at shoulder height. The first turn should be easy.

d. Turn on limbo music and have guests walk under the stick. The key is that players can only go forward under the limbo stick and only arch backwards. You cannot crouch down or bend to the side when going under the limbo stick.

If a player can’t go under the limbo stick without falling, using their hand to touch the ground or bending to the side, then they are out of the game.

e. The key to this game is that you start the limbo stick high and after everyone has gone under (a turn) then the bar is lowered a few inches and everyone who is still in the game goes under the limbo stick again.

After each round the limbo stick continues to be lowered and more and more players are eliminated each round. Limbo continues until there is only one person who can go under and they are declared the winner.

Limbo Game Variations
a. Each guest is given a pillow that goes around their waist during limbo play. Use a belt to secure the pillow around their waist. The pillow will start to impact the game once you get to the 3rd or 4th round. Thsi can be fun at kids parties and luau baby showers.

b. Couples / Team Limbo – In this limbo version players must partner up and hold hands while going under the limbo sticks. This makes things way more complex and works for kids parties, family gatherings and wedding showers.

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