Murder Mystery Games
Murder Mysteries are a fun and unique way to create a memorable evening. They are a great for dinner parties, birthday parties and put a new twist on holiday parties.

Murder Mystery GamesNow while many people have heard about murder mystery games only a few people actual choose to play them! Why is that?

Well the top reasons for not playing a murder mystery game are:
1. Afraid that we will make mistakes and mess it up
2. Concerns that invitees won’t participate
3. Peer Pressure – Others will think it is silly

Well what if everything for your murder mystery was laid out for you including game kits, invitations, game materials and awards? That would make life easier and take the stress out of planning off your shoulders.

And what if you could use a pre-game murder mystery web site to get your friends excited and interested in the event and you could post the photos online after the event, sound easier?

Well with the these murder mystery parties you get all that and information on throwing the party, tips and insight on a successful mystery party.

So if you are not sure what to do to for a dinner party, birthday or a cook out – try something new and see who can solve the murder mystery!

Grown Up Murder Mystery Games

These murder mystery games come with the online services! There are over 50 games to choose from and we have choosen to highlight a few of the murder mystery games here.
1. A Rockin’ Hot Tub Murder – Fun for hot tub, pool or bbq event!
2. And the Winner is….Murder – A Hollywood Award murder mystery, play before any major awards show
3. Death by Chocolate – This game is fun for couples any time of year and for Valentine’s Day!
4. Death of a Pirate – Having a pirate themed event well them this murder mystery is sure to please.
5. Back to the 80’s Murder Mystery – Tease your hair and get drama to rival the tv show Dallas.
6. The King is Dead – A Night in Sin City – Perfect for casino themed parties.

Plus they have over 100 more Murder Mysteries

Large Group Murder Mystery Games

These murder mystery games are designed for parties or groups with 15 or more guests and you will need 6 – 8 guests to take part in the murder mystery. Your primary role players will perform and the rest of your guests will act as the detective and try to solve the case. We have highlighted a few large group murder mystery games here.
1. Blueprints for Murder – Construction-themed murder mystery for the annual office party or team-building event
2. Killers International – The annual meeting of Killers International, starts off with a dying clue
3. Murder at the Dunmore Lodge – Set in a lodge and performed like a dinner theater

Teen Murder Mystery Games

These murder mystery games come with the online services! There are over 40 teen games to choose from, some are murder mysteries and others are detective style “who stole” solve the crime scenarios. We have highlighted a few mystery games here.
1. Mystery of the Vanishing Vampire – A spooky murder mystery game for 8 to 14 players set in present day Transylvania.
2. Death of a Teen Idol – A fun game for teenage girls for birthday and sleepover events
3. Beverly Hills High School Murder – A surprise party for Shannon, the most popular girl at school, and there has been a murder committed!
4. The White Wizard’s Convention – No murder is involved, but The Staff of Rodena is missing.

Additional Boxed Murder Mystery Games

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