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Birthdays are a special event that come around every year and often involves celebrating with friends and family. We've pulled together a mix of party games that work for birthday parties. So have fun, be silly, laugh and make great memories enjoying games at the next birthday party you host.

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Ideas, suggestions and tips for hosting your 1st Birthday Party.
Helpful tips and ideas that will help you celebrate one of your child's biggest moments.

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Crazy Ping Pong

Crazy Ping Pong. Take an ordinary ping pong table and turn it into a competitive battleground involving teams blowing ping pong balls around the team. Several variations.

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Pass the Orange

Pass The Orange, Kid’s Party Game. Form a line, tell the teams they must pass and orange from one end of the line to the other, and then tell them without using their hands!

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Balloon Stomp Game

Balloon Stomp Party Games. Balloons are blow up and tied around the ankles, guests try to pop other guests balloons without theirs getting popped. Individual and team play options.

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