Balloon & Bubble Gum Relay Game
Supplies: Balloons, bubblegum (wrapped, individual pieces – Bazooka works great)

This game is a mix of activities that involve running, popping, chewing and bubble blowing. This game can be played inside or outside and is a easy diy game to set up.

Balloon & Bubble Gum Relay Game Prep & Play
a. You need an open space like the living room with carpet (you will be running and you don’t want to slip!) or a large yard. Establish a start line and place where the balloons will be located 15-20 feet from the start line.

b. Get gum and balloons, you’ll need at least one balloon per player. We recommend you have 3- 4 extras just in case one pops early or if extra people show up. Place a wrapped piece of gum in the balloons and blow them up. Place the balloons in a bucket or bowl (each team should have their own bucket/bowl of balloons) 15-20 feet away from the start line.

c. Divide the kids into teams. teams can be 3-7 people and you can have two or more teams. We like to run it with 3 teams tops and if we have more people, we play several rounds of the game.

d. With the teams lined up and the first player ready to begin. When the game host say’s “Go!” they crawl or run to the balloons, grab one, and pop the balloon.

e. Then they grab the piece of gum, unwrap, and have to blow a full bubble. You may want someone to be a bubble judge just to make sure a bubble is big enough and they can give a thumbs up when the bubble is approved. Once they have done that, they may run back, touch the next player’s hand, and then they must do the same thing. The first team to have everyone finish wins.

You can make this more difficult by added obstacles to run around (chairs) or over a couch.