7 Kid’s Cotton Ball Party Games
Supplies: Cotton Balls and other items

Cotton Balls are just for cleaning your face, they can also be used for a variety of party games. We have pulled together a mix of kid’s party games that involve party games and if we find more we will add them to the list.

Shoveling Snow – Cotton Ball Game
Supplies: Vaseline, bowl, cotton bowls, stop watch, camera

How to play: Arrange everyone in a circle sitting on their knees or sitting around a table. Place a dab of Vaseline on the tip of each player’s nose. Place a bowl in front of each player and a pile of cotton balls next to the bowl or scattered loosely in front of them on the table.

The object of the game is to have the person use there nose to pick up a cotton ball and then somehow get the cotton ball off their nose and into the bowl without using their hands. Hands should be down at their side or behind their back during the game. After 1 minute, the player with the most cotton balls in their bowl wins the present.
Thanks – Madeleine V.

Cotton Ball Game fun for Birthday Parties
Supplies: Bag of cotton balls, two large bowls, a blindfold and a wooden spoon or ladle 

Guests are blindfolded and placed in front of two bowls, one with cotton bowls and one without.
The player is given a wooden spoon and told they must move as many cotton balls from one bowl using only 3 scoops.
After their turn score each players cotton balls and then determine who the winner of your cotton ball game is.
If you end up in a tie, repeat until you have a winner.
Thanks – Divina

Cotton Ball Relay Race Game
Supplies: Bag of cotton balls, two large bowls, a blindfold and a wooden spoon 

Divide the players into groups
Place a bowl of 10 cotton balls at the Start Line and the other bowl 15 to 20 feet away. (Same distance for all teams.)
To Start the Game – The First Player must take the spoon, select a cotton ball, walk it down to the other bowl and drop it in.
Once the player drops the cotton ball in the bowl, they can race back to the Start Line and the next player goes.

However, if the cotton ball falls off the spoon at any time, the player must return to the Start Line and begin again.
Please note: Player cannot touch the cootton ball with their hands to keep it from falling off, if they do they must start again

The first team to get all their team’s cotton balls in the far bowl wins the Cotton Ball Relay Race.

Cotton Ball Spoon Race
Supplies: Bag of cotton balls, bowls, wooden spoons

Rather than a relay race this is an individual game where each player competes against the other.

1. First identify a Starting Line an item or distance that player must go to and then return to the starting line.
2. Then give each player is given a cotton ball and a spoon.
3. Inform the players they must place the cotton ball on the spoon then as quickly as possible race from the Starting Line to the half way point and return to the Starting Line without losing their cotton ball to Win.
4. Players also need to be informed that they can not touch that cotton ball with their free hand to keep it on the spoon and if the cotton ball falls to the ground, then the player must start from the begin again.

Please note you can turn this game into a team relay too.

Cotton Ball Straw Race
Supplies: Cotton balls, drinking straws, space 

Use a long dinner table or the floor for this competitive game.

1. Set a Starting Line and a Finish Line (10 to 15 feet apart.)
2. Give each player a dringking straw and a cotton ball.
3. Let them know they must move their cotton ball from the Starting Line to the Finsh Line using only the Straw.
4. Tip – DOn’t tell them how to use it. They can use it like a hockey stick or use it as a straw and blow the cotton ball.
5. The 1st Person to get their cotton ball across the finish line Wins.

This cotton bowl game can be played as a relay race. (If played as a relay race make sure all players have their own straws.

Cotton Ball Target Drop – Easy & Fun for Young Kids
This is an easy games for young kids.

1. Have the child stand on a chair / stool (something that is supported – you don’t want anyone to fall)
2. Then give the child 5 cotton balls and let then know that they are going to drop the cotton ball from about eye level and try to land it in the jar or bowl below.
3. After 5 attempts score how many made in the bowl or jar and hand out small treats for each one made.

Yes you can score and make this a competitive game, but we recommend that you just make it a fun event.

Cotton Ball Scoop Them Up Game
Supplies: 1 or 2 bags of cotton balls, bowl, spoon, blindfold 

Have kids form a big circle and let them know they will be playing a simple game where all they have to do is sit in the middle of the circle and see how many cotton balls they can Scoop up and place into the bowl within 30 seconds. (If you have less than 8 kids play for 45 or 60 seconds.)

The game sounds easy until you let them know that they will be blindfolded while performing this task!

So select the first player, blindfold them and sit them in the middle of the circle.
Place the bowl and spoon in the middle beside them so they know where it is and they drop the cotton balls all around them.
The 30 seconds starts when you say go.
Once the time is up, take the blindfold off and count how many cotton balls are in the bowl.
The player to get the most cotton bowls in the bowl Wins.

This game is quite fun to watch and frustrating to play as you won’t know whether you picked up any cotton balls until the blindfold comes off. Good for Party Pictures too.

Another version that is played the same way is the Pan and Spatula game. Where you play the same way and use the spatula to get the cotton balls into the pan.