Balloon Stomp Game
Supplies: Balloons and string or rubber bands

Silly, loud and lots of running around, Balloon Stomp the challenging balloon popping game.

Balloon Stomp Game Prep & Play
The Skinny on this kid’s party game. Tie balloons around each child’s ankles, stomp on each other’s balloons and try to pop them before they pop yours.

This crazy game requires a lot of movement and is best when you have 6 or more people playing. You’ll need rubber bands and balloons. Blow up balloons and tie a rubber band or string to each of them.
Put a balloon around each player’s ankle by stretching the rubber over their foot or tying it around the ankle.

If you want you can put a balloon on each ankle. Make sure players wear shoes to protect their feet. Now get ready to play the game. To start this party game you can say Ready, Set, Go or play some music and have everyone stomp around, trying step on and pop other player’s balloons. Whoever has the last balloon left around their ankle is the winner of the Balloon Stomp game!
Thanks, Pearl

Game Variations
1. If you play this game at a Birthday party consider placing pieces of paper with numbers on them inside the balloons and if a child steps on the balloon they can then pick up the piece of paper. At the end of the birthday game, each number matches up to a prize or so the more they stomp during this game the more they could win. (Use candy for prizes)

2. Divide your group into Teams by using different colored balloons (two if two teams and three if three teams). Place Teams on different sides of the room, Say Go and let them try to pop all the balloons of the opposing team.

Remind them “No pushing or shoving.” The first team to pop all of the opposing players balloons wins.