Bucket and Sponge Race
Supplies: 2 buckets, 2 equal sized sponges and 2 glasses or containers of the same size.

This game works for any age and even minutes to win it type games as players must work fast to fill their buckets. The Bucket & Sponge game is a great summer outdoor game that is as much fun to watch as it is to play. It can be played by individuals as heats or you can divide a group into teams and place as a relay race.

Bucket & Sponge Race Game Prep & Play
a. Fill up two buckets (or at list one bucket per team) with equal amounts of water at the starting point. Then place two cups or glasses on chairs about 20 feet away. (You can reverse it and place the cups at the start line and the bucket at the other end too. – Your choice)

b. Each team / individual is given a sponge and told that the first team / person to fill the cup with water wins.

c. To do this they must dip the sponge in the water and then run with the sponge to the cup and squeeze out the water from the sponge to fill the cup and then return to the bucket to do the task again until the cup overflows.

Relay Version: If this is a relay, each team member completes the task once and then passes the sponge to the next team member. Continue until the cup is

Perfect for sunny hot days!